Statement from Errol Naidoo regarding resignation from ACDP

I resigned as ACDP Communications Director and NEC member at the NEC meeting in Johannesburg on 1 November 2018. Rev Kenneth Meshoe and certain NEC members asked me to reconsider my resignation. I promised I would but needed to take time out to fast and pray and seek God for wisdom and guidance.

My wife and I spent time in fasting and prayer during 5 – 9 November 2018. The Holy Spirit led me to write down my experiences with the ACDP since my official involvement in the party in June 2018.  I joined the ACDP with the intent to bring about revival, renewal and growth. My letter dated 20 November 2018 included not only my reflections and insights but also recommendations I believe would revive the party and set it on a path of sustainable growth and success.

The ACDP lost 60 percent of its support over the past two General Elections (2009/2014). It currently holds only 0,57% voter support. As a consequence, the party must institute radical change and a fundamental rethink of its methodology if it hopes to reverse the 10-year decline and achieve its turnaround goals. I travelled around the country at my own costs during April – October 2018 sharing the vision of revival and growth for the ACDP. I consulted with almost three thousand Pastors and hundreds of potential voters in almost every city in the country. As a result of these nationwide consultations I gathered vital intelligence that I believe – if acted upon – will revitalise the party. 

The majority of Pastor’s and potential voters asked for radical change in the ACDP. The most critical areas identified by voters across the board were (1) leadership (2), visibility (3), communications (4), candidates and (5) relevance. I drafted a communications strategy to specifically address these issues and achieve the above-mentioned objectives. However, I did not receive the cooperation I envisaged from the leadership and frustrations developed.

I resigned from the party as a result of differing views on leadership, strategy and methodology. In addition, I do not believe the vision to renew and grow the party is possible without the implementation of the radical change proposed by Pastor’s and potential voters. Significantly however, I did not join the ACDP to maintain the status quo or merely win a seat in Parliament. My vision was to ensure at least 30 Godly, competent and anointed men and women joined me to influence and impact government with righteousness, truth and nation building. 

I continue to pray for the ACDP leadership. I pray God will guide them with wisdom and understanding. I hold no offense against any leader or member of the party because of difference of opinion. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the party. I respect and admire the many heroes in the ACDP. I am deeply grateful for their labours, sacrifice and commitment to the kingdom of God. I am therefore convinced the party has great potential to be a vehicle for Godly change in government. However, the ACDP must embrace change itself or face the inevitable consequences of stagnation and irrelevance.    

In conclusion, I made it clear from the start I did not join the party for position or financial gain. I joined the ACDP to serve the nation. I continue to pray for a miracle in South Africa. I pray that many more Godly men and women will be elected to Parliament and our provincial legislatures in the General Elections in 2019 to competently serve the people of our country with integrity and truth. I will faithfully serve the Body of Christ through the ministry of Family Policy Institute and will continue to defend the family and promote Biblical values in Parliament, the media and general society until God says otherwise.

Date published: 04/12/2018
Written by: Errol Naidoo
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  1. Dear Pastor Errol
    I want to firstly commend your courage to make wisdom decisions and the stewardship of grace upon your life. I also want to commend your diligence for the transformation of South Africa. I share your sentiments regarding the reformation of the ACDP and trust God that we do not lose an invaluable window of opportunity in SA. I also believe that the remnant is rising in every political party and we will see the dawning of a new season. May God bless your diligence and do not grow battle weary. Speak the truth to power. Your voice and stature is required for such a time as this shalom Shailen Singh

  2. I understand your frustration and decision to resign. You are not the first and will not be the last. I joined the ACDP with the intention contribute towards the party’s growth as I strongly believe in a Godly government. Unfortunately there are leaders who believe they are the only ones who can lead the party and no one else and yet we know great leaders produce leaders more greater than themselves. Currently they are happy knowing as long as the ACDP gains a seatin parliament, they will be the first to take that seat. The only time their concept of leader for life will be challenged is when the party wins no seat

    • I am new to politics, but as a man whom God has used to speak to over many years, On my to prayer, asking where God want to use me for His kingdom, I received a call and was after that introduced to a man, Dr Convy Baloyi, who has been called by God and given a Godly mandate for politics in South Africa.

      March 2018 – God led him to start a NEW POLITICAL party with a TOTAL foundation on the Word of God – AFRICAN COVENANT – ACO.

      I want to openly invite everybody who wants to make a Godly difference and are looking for true leadership, with an open mind for anointed, skilled leaders, please come and see how you can make a difference for South Africa through ACO.

      God bless the love everybody have for South Africa, wanting to bring selfless hope to every South African citizen.

      Hendrik Vorster
      Prophetic Voice and ACO Steward and Tshwane South Ward Leader
      Grace and Hope to South Africa

  3. Very revealing. God did not call him, but Paul Daniel. “Errol Naidoo: Why did you enter the ministry?
    I was called into the ministry by Paul Daniel in 2000 to pioneer His People Christian Church’s Public Affairs department.”
    Here’s the thing Errol over played his hand in an ACDP meeting criticized the leadership.
    He has resigned.
    Won the sympathy of Jack Stagman amongst other supposed founders of the ACDP they asked Kenneth and other leaders to step down in favour of Errol.
    ACDP leaders refused.
    Says Deon Malan: Very bad time to resign when God instructed him to join and gave a vision of the ACDP becoming the 3rd biggest party in Parliament in 2019. Maybe its to avoid embarrasment if the opposite happens. Will still vote ACDP in 2019 as my vote is not connected to a person, but to the principles of the party

    • Very well said, and from what I know I agree with you. A very thinly disguised powerplay that the ACDP leadership saw through. Errol needs to remember that – according to him – “God called him to the ACDP”. Did God suddenly change His mind because Errol was put in his place when he attempted a powerplay? No, He did not. Maybe Errol needs to hear God’s voice before shouting about it, or if He actually did hear from God, then stick with what he was told!

      • We have a need to be harsh with the false apostles and gentle gracious with those that also follow Christ. let us love one another, not harsh and insensitive, let us speak the truth in love. What ever we want to each other let the principle apply, “go to your brother.”

  4. I respect Errol’s decision but we have to find a way to make it work. The Body of Christ is under serious attack, more than most realise. We need to united forces in spite of our differences. We need to stand for what we do agree on.

    Please Errol, reconsider, meet with the leaders and make it work. We all need you and I believe the ACDP has the only solution for this country. We need to get all Christians involved. There is no other way. There is no other party that can offer a solution.

    • Johan – I believe God is doing a NEW THING in South Africa 2019!

      I have now had the great privilege and honour to meet a man whom I really believe was called for this hour to lead South Africa in a NEW and FRESH Godly way – Dr Convy Baloyi from the NEW Political Party – AFRICAN Covenant.

      I will place my testimony how God led me to this humble and yet strong leader who God has chosen.

      God loves South Africa and I believe DOES have a PLAN and we must find out what it is and WORK with Him. Then we will succeed.

      For more info:
      Facebook: ACO Party:

      Grace and Hope to South Africa

      • Do you know that Convy Baloyi was the Provincial Chairman in Gauteng for the ACDP.

        Now couldn’t submit to the leadership. Rules and constitution of the ACDP

        Took ACDP members and started his own party.

        I wonder which God spoke to him..

        • I just managed to go through this comment line today. Thank you for sharing your experience Brother Errol.

          Let me describe stupidity:
          Stupidity includes:
          – calling yourself EXPOSER with a view to become a spokesperson of cult, spell and evil.
          – hiding behind words instead of clearly identifying yourself by name.
          – making conclusions about other people without knowing them and first taking to them.
          – making statements without facts.
          – suffering from a lie addiction.
          – harbouring hatred and operating under the spell of envy, jealousy and unforgiveness.
          – displaying a disconnect between who you are and the name of your organization.
          – following idols instead of following a vision.
          This description describes the fool which is called EXPOSURE which has written a statement that associates me with ‘ACDP’ without facts. This fool is a coward and a disgrace in the kingdom (and does not even deserve to be in the ACDP), because instead of first picking up a phone and call me for facts concerning my one month stay in the Organization, this fool just spreads its stomach content as though he or she controls what God Almighty does with all of us.
          Whoever knows this fool called EXPOSER or the spirit behind it, must call him or her and tell him or her that I am Dr. Convy and my number is 0825603900, and I want to meet with this fool on a face to face basis to freshly deliver the real reason I am not where this fool is. I will do this publicly and joyfully, and this fool will never be the same again.
          It is certainly because of fools like this one called EXPOSER that parties such as his could not contain the calibre of the best ambassador for Christ in the person of Brother Errol. It is fools like EXPOSER who have made even the most useless spirits in the country to take God Almighty and Jesus Christ for granted. It is fools like EXPOSER and his or her have allowed erosion to enter and abound in our country. These are the fools who must be born again AGAIN, otherwise heavenly doors will refuse to open for the innocent on the queue.
          Thank you Brother Errol for expressing yourself.
          I thank the Lord that you could not settle for a company where you would have been subjected to rubbing shoulders with EXPOSER the foolish fool!
          Thank you steward Hendrik for your discerning Spirit. May the Lord guard you as we move forward.

          Yours in Christ
          Dr. Convy

      • Stop pimping your leader and new party in these comments, trying to profit from division in the ACDP. Stop looking to the arm of man to help us. Look to GOD alone. Maybe this is why Christians should not be involved in politics, it brings division among believers.

        • Dear Amanda Wait

          I can clearly tell you that anyone who is born again, prayerful and Spirit-led will not publish a statement such as the one you have published above. A Christ-like person do not just say things without the leading of Holy Spirit. Call me at 0825603900 if you want to engage with me on the latter.


          Yours in Christ
          Dr. Convy

    • Unfortunately JoyNews did not give the ACDP the right to reply…YET. When both sides of the story is known thats when readers will know the truth and enabled to make factual statements. Wisdom dictates to “hear both sides of the story”. Sensationalisation is very dangerous. I advise that for now do not demomise the ACDP leadership. Rev Meshoe was called, he hearkened and acted…he hasnt resigned yet and hw will not. It was God who called him. I will vote for the ACDP in 2019 and in years to come.

      I may, if needs be talk about the new Christian party, ACO. But ACDP members are not out to character-assasinate anyone…esp Christians.

  5. Someone has well defined the term “INSANITY” in this way: “INSANITY is doing THE SAME OLD THING over and over and over again and expecting a different result.” The decline in support of the ACDP, over the last decade or so, suggests that something is not quite right and now Errol’s resignation seems to confirm that fact. The question is: As christians, where do we turn to in terms of offering our support to a political party? VOTE WE MUST but where do we place OUR CROSS?

  6. Dear brother Errol,
    It is with sadness and disappointment that I learned of your resignation as Communications Director and NEC member of the ACDP. When you announced that you were joining the ACDP, an excitement rose up within me. It sounded like the prefect recipe to take the ACDP to a higher trajectory. It is a great pity that the leadership of the ACDP did not seem to be willing to embrace the change that I believe is necessary to remain relevant.
    I pray God will show them where they need to change and give them the courage to implement these changes.
    God bless you in your endeavours

    • * Numerous South Africans – of ALL cultures – have been EARNESTLY PRAYING for DYNAMIC CHRISTIAN LEADERS to RISE UP, UPHOLD the VISION of a GODLY and UNITED NATION – and be COUNTED for GOD in Parliament.
      * GOD IS moving in our beauticul country – and therefore we need to remain POSITIVE that this hiccup will be RESOLVED to GOD’S GLORY – and our COUNTRY’S GOOD.
      * The WORD of GOD tells us to “BIND THE STRONG MAN FIRST”!!
      * PRIDE and ‘POSITION’ must make way for HUMILITY – so that God’s Children can come together in UNITY, be Used of GOD, and be Instrumental for GOD to HEAL OUR LAND!!

  7. Errol, your observations were spot on and is concerning as a child of the King. A pity that ACDP are unwilling to change and this is perhaps because certain people who currently dominate would be at risk. The party could and should play a far more influential role but clearly do not have the vision or willingness or ability to do it.

  8. We are grateful to Errol for the work he put in to the party . The reasons to vote for the ACDP are many . A recent countrywide poll had us doubling our support . In George we got 7% in a by-election . Our national MP’s have had great acheivements .working on SABC and Eskom enquiry . Having a family friendly law passed to give fathers paternity leave. The only party to ever acheive this . Four months in office our councillor in Jo’burg ,who is in charge of housing handed out 1000 title deeds . Our councillor in Tshwane blew the whistle on a dodgy contract and recovered R1.6 bil . Our councillor in NMB turned waste land into children’s parks in poor areas . We are making a difference and I believe we have turned a corner which is backed by research . We acknowledge there are some things we need to do better and are working on it .

    • Well said, JoAnn. Politics looks easy from the outside. When I first joined the ACDP I thought it would be easy to win votes and convince the media to support us. It is not. Politics is really tough – especially when you do it honestly with clean money and want to promote Christian values. President Kenneth Meshoe is leading the ACDP because he has the support of the majority. He loves the nation, is steadfast, bold, honest and knows how to forgive and apologize. When you see him on TV or hear him in a radio interview, he makes it looks easy. Few understand how difficult it is, though. He has serious experience in Parliament and is one of the best speakers I have ever heard. The Reverend speaks at least four languages, lived through apartheid and therefore has a good understanding of people and their issues. He could retire now, having made a difference to South Africa already – but the nation needs him. Meshoe has proved that he has integrity, which is something most politicians lack. If we try someone new now as ACDP President, we do not know what is in their heart until it is too late.

    • Politics much tougher than it looks – especially if you are doing it with Christian values and clean money. When I joined ACDP, I thought it would be really easy to get votes and media support and that I had all the answers. Was I wrong or was I wrong!!!
      Rev Kenneth Meshoe is the best person to lead the ACDP into 2019. He has Parliamentary experience, media experience, experience in the admin of political structures, knowledge about the people of SA. He speaks at least four languages and lived through apartheid. He is also one of the best speakers I have ever heard and knows how to forgive and apologise. His scandal-free time in office has proved his integrity. Power corrupts and you never know how much it will corrupt someone until that person is tested. Reverend Meshoe is solid, but decisive and loves both God and the people of South Africa.

  9. Comment:We experienced exactly the same frustrations after spending more than six months attempting to provide a Biblical and practical solution to the many challenges facing this party. it is also an issue that this ACDP entity has embraced Affirmative Action and Equity Bills and the discriminatory Labour Laws invoked by the ANC/SACP/COSATU REGIME. Despite many and exhaustive attempts to get these leaders to realise there are no racial barriers in The Kingdom of God and Covenant Circle since August 2010 – these requests fell on deaf ears. it is a sad reality that the ACDP had the perfect opportunity to be The Voice of the 80% Christian majority but it has failed to achieve more than 3 seats at a national level in Parliament and none in KZN. It is a reality that the leadership is not receptive or open-minded to innovation or creativity and there is only a need to control. South Africa and The Church needs a United Voice and prayerfully this will happen in the near future. Blessings and warmest regards.

    • Peter Munns You have created a complete straw man regarding your comments about Affirmative action and Labour laws.
      Maybe this tendency to bear false witness is the reason why your ambitions were never fulfilled within the ACDP

    • Dr Peter, I am not here to citicise any political party, but must first agree that when I looked at their policy statements I knew they were compromising.

      With this I can proudly announce that God has led me – having used me in may circles as a prophetic voice to speak His heart to people on personal and corporate level, to a humble Godly visionary – Dr Convy Baloyi from African Covenant, whom He (God) has led to start a fresh new political party with a biblical mandate for politics. I agree that compromise in NOT the answer.

      Twice in our manifesto meetings, and guided by dreams, the Spirit of God has used myself and other prophetic people to speak into the manifesto to change it be according to His kingdom principals for politics.

      Please check out:

      God has real hope for South Africa.

      Hendrik Vorster
      Prophetic Voice and ACO Steward & Tshwane South Ward Leader

    • Spot on.. Im not a member, but have been following all the live feeds in parlement.. As a Christian I’m looking for a new place to place my tick in next year’s election.. For me as a Christian it’s God first, this party has comprised its true values.. And has put race first, its values underneath are the exactly same as the Anc.. But they using the Lords name to achieve this, saying they standing for every Christian, I think not.. As a child of God you do not use race , as our father God does not see color.. But the unfortunately the ACDP does.. Very sad indeed.. Because if they truly followed father God word they could be the next Government.. But not use the Word to justify there true racail underling factor.. This leaves me deciding were to place my tick next year.. South Africa belongs to all the people living in it.. Two wrongs don’t make a right..but the ACDP has compromised..

  10. Dear Errol,
    Your motivation is spot on .. to serve all the people of RSA

    I believe there is an urgent need to pray for and implement:
    1. VOTER EDUCATION through the media, in the schools, churches and communities.
    2. DIRECT REPRESENTATION from ward level through district & provincial level and then into national government
    3. BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP SCREENING of the most faithful and competent God-fearing, born again candidates at family, work and community levels … irrespective of political party affiliation
    CANDIDATE who have a proven:
    a. Moral servant leadership record and the
    b. Biblical character, capability & comprehension to represent the Trinity and their voters… at the different levels of government!

    God bless RSA & Africa!

  11. Thank you for the heads up as to the reason why you left the ACDP Errol. I was dismayed at the news of your resignation, because like many others, believed that your input would be refreshing and make a difference in improving membership growth for the party. However, we can only hope, pray, and trust God for the outcome. I am convinced that God has a great plan for your gifting, and that He will direct your footsteps in making a difference to our country’s future. God bless you and your wife in His service.

  12. Errol two years ago I went to Kenneth and told him to survive as a party they need serious change
    I suggested he leave to allow for new blood. I encouraged him saying whatever he decides the Lord would be with him.
    I received a blank stare and the usual I will pray about it
    ACDP is a lost cause without the change you have discussed with their leadership
    Pastor Andre Vaynol

    • Also check out ACO – what a calling of God this man has. We will be a NEW political party 2019 aiming for nothing less than the highest seat – as was prophesied to Dr Convy Baloyi from out of Africa and even South Africa. I have personally received a very powerful word from the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit on 27 April 2018, at our first meeting, BEFORE I even met this man I now promote. The Spirit asked me: “Can a nation be born in one day?”

      When a prophecy is not fulfilled the word of God does NOT return to God’s mouth UNTIL God finds a person who is uncompromisingly obedient to the call and the Word of God. Let’s trust God that He has raised up a man after His own heart to lead South Africa.

  13. This is most disappointing news – the progressive fragmented body of Christ in South Africa! Oh Lord have mercy on us. I have often said that it is easier to sell ham sandwiches to the Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem than to get the body of Christ to work together in matters such as this. ‘Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well advised is wisdom.’ Pro 13:10 KJV

    Errol highlights a key contributing factor and turning point in his decision to resign from the ACDP. He says: ‘I do not believe the vision to renew and grow the party is possible without the implementation of the radical change proposed by Pastor’s and potential voters.’ This is a crucial point he makes in terms of the Pastors. We must remember that it is church leadership who hears from God no less than the statesmen and kings of the old testament heard from God through the prophets (church leadership) as to what direction they should take – this is God’s designated and ‘orderly manner’ in addressing matters of this nature.

    Errol goes on to note that: ‘My vision was to ensure at least 30 Godly, competent and anointed men and women joined me to influence and impact government with righteousness, truth and nation building.’ The sad truth on this point, the ’30 Godly, competent and anointed’, is that church leadership in South Africa, the Godly and anointed, the apostles, prophets; evangelists, pastors and teachers believe and teach the lie that you do not ‘mix the Lord Jesus with governance”, i.e., mix Christianity with politics! How can you NOT have Christ in governance?

    Church leadership, the responsibility is yours. Only the church has the answer to the dire straits South Africa is in and heading towards. This nation will perish, my people, the church included, will perish, (because of lack of knowledge), if you do not lead and direct her toward moral governance.

    1Peter 4:18 ‘And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?’

    Church, Errol Naidoo, Kenneth Meshoe …’Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!’ Psa 133:1

  14. I understand that Rev Naidoo says that he did not go into the ACDP to polemicise fellow Christians and cause division & strife . He says that he did not have any ambitions, but the word says that we should know people by their fruit. If one is prepared to read between the lines one can see the true nature of the man that ACDP have been dealing with.
    I am not making any officially sanctioned statement on behalf of the ACDP or its policy but I do not think that Rev Naidoo has the temperament nor the acumen to be involved in politics

  15. Wow, I may be very wrong, and am open for correction, but It seems that this was an opportunistic coup etat spearheaded by Naidoo to fast track his own Christian political power aspirations. While i am happy the ACDP did well to ward of this type of deceptive takeover shrouded in a cloak of “Godly direction and sellfless service” i am deeply saddened by the timing of this and more deeply saddened that ACDP could do better for many reasons supplied.

  16. For things to change we need to change…….Errol, you are spot on and it really is sad to see you leave. I plead with the leaders and NEC of the ACDP to earnestly change their minds and bring a new blood and excitement into the leadership to take the party to the next level. Without this drastic change the party will lose more seats and become more irrelavant. People do not know about the good that is done and even if they know they do not see the ACDP in a positive light due to whatever preconceived ideas. A revamp and fresh start is what everbody needs to see to get behind the party again. Unfortunately prayer alone is not going to do it for us we have seen the decline over past years whlie hundreds were seriously praying for things to change. Prayer plus MASSIVE ACTION is what is needed but now clearly we can see is lacking……A real sad day for SA.

  17. Congratulations and “Well Done” Errol. Finally somebody had the courage to say it. He that has an ear let him hear what the spirit says. Lets not be so spiritual and call this an attack on the man of God, lets call it common sense. Until leadership thinks strategic and forward the ACDP will remain in the wilderness. Wake up from your sleep church! The Sovereign God is ready to partner with us but we have to die to ourselves and look into His mind.

  18. The ACDP’s season is over. The answer, the only answer with a clear vision, mandate and message is CDP, (Christian Democratic Party). As Provincial Leader in the Western Cape i urge all Christians to join CDP. God is waiting for His sons and daughters to arise and free South Africa from the heathen. There is a divine enablement for God’s people to cross over and take over every domain in Govt and private sector where the heathen currently rules.

  19. The ACDP made two huge blunders:
    1. After Winnie Mandela died, Kenneth praised her in parliament as a Godly women. This was a huge mistake. She was a murderer and there was no evidence of remorse.
    2. When Ernst Roets from Solidarity presented parliament with facts it was answered with emotional garbage by members of parliament. Even the ACDP made themselves guilty.

    Errol, I am relieved that you left.


  21. ACDP You have to decide who is the leader of the party. King Jesus or “flesly humans” Let us all pray
    John 15:7 over the ACDP. If we ask according to Mighty two edge sword ,the party will be blessed. PLEASE GET THE FLESH OUT OF THE WAY. FATHER WE PRAY FOR YOUR SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS OVER YOUR CHILDREN IN SOUTH AFRICA. AMEN

  22. Dear Errol, I envisaged this before it happened. I had the same frustrations when I was a member of the ACDP. My hope is that a new Christian political party will be born – and I hope that you will be the leader. Would you PLEASE consider it? We really need such a party.

  23. I am so Disappointed & Discouraged to witness this from ‘God Called Leaders’
    I was inspired when Errol came to The Phoenix Ministers Fraternal & Motivated the Pastoral Leadership that its a God Call… 🤔

  24. Error, I do not understand! Did GOD really tell you to join ACDP, now when things did not go your way did GOD now tell you to leave ACDP? This is most confusing. You say that you want to serve our country, but now you change your mind because they do not agree with you. You may be right in the fact that their needs to be major changes, but did GOD change HIS mind & tell you to leave again after only a few months. Had you completed your task ???

  25. Dear ACDP and Errol,

    Please remember that their was also interference from the flesh in the 1st Century believers. Paul and Barnabas over Marc, Peter the Jews and the heathens.
    Pray to the head of the party, Jesus Christ, for guidance and ask according to His Word to bless the ACDP.

  26. Errol.we need God fearing men and women who have the country and its people at heart not just occupying parliamentarian seats and enjoying the perks that go with it. This is a Christian country and as such must practice the love of Christ and peace that passeth all understanding. True we must have Godly leadership given to prayer and fasting and sacrifice personal ambitions ambitions. The leadership must bind the strong man who is responsible for the much evils in this country on a daily basis. Please Errol, God has enriched you with talent,wisdom and leadership, lead this country to honouring our Lord and Saviour and a light to the rest of the continent and the world. God bless you and yours

  27. If God called you then ????? Also why go public….. And no way could Meshoe be replaced by him. God is God.
    Another poloital plooy .
    I expected this whenI saw many pastors like Jerome Swartz other pastors coming on board.
    It is clear why Errol feel the way he does and did what he did. And doing what his doing on media now.

  28. Errol, almost two years ago you chose to ignore my comments and almost 5 years ago Kenneth did so too. So this situation comes as no surprise to me whatsoever.
    Psalm 127:1 ‘A Song of Ascents, for Solomon.
    If YHVH does not build the house, they who build it labor in vain;
    if YHVH does not keep the city, the one keeping it stays awake in vain’

    And what happened?

    I told you at the time that there are 6 scriptural discussion points that separate us. I even challenged you to listen at least.

    And what happened?

    If you ever read a properly translated version of Ezekiel 34 then you would understand why I am not longer a Christian. I do however remain as a committed messianic believer.
    This said, I need to state that, as long as both lots, yourself especially, continue to serve Rome instead of His Word, you will continue to slide into the morass. Get out of Rome for it governs the witchcraft by which the ANC/PAC/EFF govern.
    You see, right now there is no spiritual difference between you! And voters who see this will not be persuaded!
    Do you not know that each week in South Africa there are dozens of people leaving Christianity? Because they know something is wrong and cannot grow spiritually?
    I wonder how many of the pastors who merely perpetuate the deceptions taught by their theology colleges gave you the right answers? How can Kenneth be wrong in your terms if he does and believes as all of you do?

    Time is short, Errol. Time to get real and out of Rome!
    Mathew 22 says it best: 14 For many are called, but few chosen

    May Father correct you gently and guide your adequately

  29. I suggest that Erroll , it was not the right time for you to join ACDP. I can’t believe if God told you to join He can all of a sudden tell you to leave .Is God the God of confusion?

    • Total agree. All depends if you are a child of the Almighty God, or a religious follower who use God for your own name and fame.

  30. Errol is right. The party is dying.

    It is like the fable of the King without clothes. The leadership dont acknowledge that the party is dying.

    The members of Parliament did excellent work, but we need bigger representation. You need more votes to do that. You need change in the people to achieve rhat. You need to change the leadership as well.

    It is time to make way for renewal and new energetic leadership. The voters do not trust the ACDP enough to vote for them in good numbers.

  31. Good for you Errol…. The ACDP needs a wake – up. The simple things seem to be the hardest for them to do to garner support. Having been so enthusiastic in the beginning I have lost total confidence in this party. I also for a long time have come to the conclusion that the leadership needs to change. I am in support of the godly principles of this party and I am sure that Kenneth is a good person, but stop running this as a church. If you enter politics, stand up to the test and show up, instead of being a laughing stock to many.

  32. Oscar, I was thinking the very same thought. I am of the opinion knowing that ADCP has no opportunity to become a ruling party it’s obvious that it’s purpose should not relate to any National objective such as reducing poverty or improvements to Education.
    The electorate obviously would be Christians. The strategy to gain that vote should be specific and focused.
    ACDP should have one purpose. To be God’s voice in Parliament hold Politicians accountable to His Standards of Morality.
    Giving what has happened in the past decades ACDP must be a voice of Wisdom and expose wrong doing.

  33. Is it really a sound proposition to have a religious based political party in a Constitutionally secular country? Whether ACDP, ACO or otherwise?

    • Sir, Moses, Joseph and David, to mention a few in the Old Testament were astute Statesmen – Joseph was a very successful Vice-President of Egypt, a very secular nation in deed.

      We cannot afford to keep Christ out of our schools, our hospitals, our police services, our armed forces, our judicial system, the courts, ultimately, the governing of the nation any longer. The horrendous repercussions in terms of lawlessness, rape, murder and the huge financial rape, Trillions, of our nation by the ruling party, this all speaks volumes, and this we cannot deny. And why has it amounted to all this? Because satan has promulgated the lie that you keep Christ out of governance in South Africa, i.e., that ‘you do not mix religion with politics’. …and politics sir, church, is no less than governance.

      How can you not mix cement with sand water and stone, and expect to cast a solid foundation? Christ is the single most important ingredient in laying a firm and solid foundation for this nation – and we are at a critical point in our history right now – and we had better get the ingredient right church.

      The church in Zimbabwe left it too late, let us not make the same mistake!

    • ACO is not a religious based political party BUT a political party with a philosophy which arises from Biblical principles of government and governance. This is permissible to do and it is being done. Thank you for the question dearest Rob. Yours in Christ. Dr. Convy (founding leader of African Covenant – ACO – 0825603900)

  34. People want Christ as the center and Christ as the Ruler, not a religious party who believes in their own believes, capture a few scriptures to add weight to their believes!!!!
    Who are the so called religious parties playing with, a human or, God the Creator of Heaven and Earth!.
    Stop using our Heavenly Father as your umbrella to play under.
    God said this and God said that just to came back and said no, now God said something else! You make God a liar?
    So praise the Lord we are not children of the same God you are talking about!
    Thank you!

  35. The point is that the ACDP IS going down the tubes and needs a complete revamp. The Leader who took it there cannot take it out. Just like our SOE’s. The present leaders took them there & no way can they take them out of their mess.

  36. Errol, I was very surprised and much saddened to read of your decision. The following comments are intended only to give you and other JOY! readers more angles to consider, as we fight a battle not of flesh and blood.
    1. The Enemy has been hard at work this past October and November to sow discord among believers and to seriously undermine individual Christian’s faith. It has been plainly obvious in the lives of all around us, and in our own Christian walk.
    2. The last 2 elections have seen the ACDP’s numbers radically reduced. I don’t remember the order of events, but I seem to think that it was the most recent election where many Christian voters switched to the DA, choosing “strength in numbers” rather than faith in God.
    Of far greater concern to me was the election before that, where we saw a ridiculous number of “Christian” parties contest the election. At face value, this looked like Christians were stepping up, but all it did was splinter the ACDP’s voter base. We lost a huge number of parliamentary seats as a result. We cannot afford the ‘luxury’ of splintering off to suit relatively small ideological differences. The cross and the risen Christ is our rallying cry and our banner.
    3. God never sent great armies to fight His battles, but rather whittled the number down to a remnant every time. He did the fighting on their behalf. If we are whittled down to a lone voice in parliament, then so be it. God does His greatest work when the odds are most heavily stacked against Him. (I know I haven’t phrased that well, but I hope you understand the point I am trying to make.)

    I sincerely hope that these points give you, and any other despondent believers, cause to Hope, and possibly reconsider the position taken. May God bless you and keep you.

  37. This has been such a bad week politically. The ANC/EFF steamrolled the changing section 25 of the constitution beyond belief. This is so bad for the country. Now this. I had such high hopes for the ACDP when you said you had joined the party. We can hardly pray for a Godly government and then not vote for a Godly party. The DA has messed up big time. We others are not worth a mention. As for De Lille. She only thinks of De Lille and is not worth a second thought. Now what?
    Drene Tiessen

  38. Truth be told, as much as we respect Errol’s decision & try to understand his reasons for resignation I still question his motive looking at the time he served in the ACDP. The party is at a juncture to ascend & should be shaken & tested before it can testify. The party needs servants who understand politics more than politicians who seek opportunities. Errol doesn’t have patience & sounds like he wished he could have been paid for campaigning for the party & this isn’t the time for Canaan but the wilderness where we need the Calebs & Joshuas. As much as we need Errol, Errol need the party more than the party needs him. I will encourage him to reconsider the decision of have his true colors revealed by joining a party whose manifesto is opposite the ACDP.

  39. It is so sad. I have been praying that the ACDP will return to the task the Lord gave them when they first started. I have been praying that the ACDP will revive. I personally have been disappointed with some of the ACDP members, were they have poured water on the fire of new eager people wanting to join and help the ACDP. Please as ACDP we should not do politics as the other parties does, but we should be wise. If it is needed do things differently. We need the ACDP as a vehicle to minister to the politicians at large. To be like Daniel and his friends. So please we need all the Christians is SA to stand together. There are wisdom in the counsel of many, listen to the advice of other Christians.

  40. I urge JoyNews to allow the ACDP the right of reply. If this doesnt happen the ACDP will be demonised and some parties who cant find solid hold to their feet may capitalise as already seen in some comments. Fairness!!The ACDP will never be divided, rest assured.

  41. It is a shock that Errol has resigned after what appeared as a Holy Spirit inspired decision to join the ACDP. Especially as he had garnered so much Christian support.
    What was the result of your fast Errol? Did you really hear God?
    What was the basic practical stumbling block to reforming the ACDP?
    There must be a Godly way.
    You surely cannot turn against the three Godly ACDP MP ‘s, that you have championed and highlighted all the years of Watchmen on the Walls, and lately on Salt & Light.
    I pray that the Lord will truly reveal His will for you and for the ACDP.
    Where is the stamp of the Kingdom in this? The Love, Joy, Peace and Power?
    I suggest you go back to the drawing-board, on your knees!

  42. I cant beieve Errol would tell the ACDP leader to stand down, so he could take over! He knows the Word of God!
    We serve in the place God places us! We can only speculate, on what the reason is for Errol resigning, only God knows the real reason! It could be God doing this! One thing I do know Both Errol and the ACDP leader are men of God who has worked tirelessly for the people of SA! We as the body of Christ, should not be taking sides! But pray Gods will be done! Jesus is Lord over SA.


    We are grateful for the great work Mr Errol Naidoo has done with Family Policy Institute, and the opportunities he gave ACDP Members of Parliament to appear on his programs to inform South Africans about Parliamentary issues that would affect them and how they should respond.
    Earlier this year, Mr Errol Naidoo made it public that he was joining the African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), who gladly accepted him. Mr Naidoo then made it clear on many platforms, that after praying, God called him to politics to serve in the ACDP. The leadership of the ACDP accepted his bona fides and welcomed him.
    It is public knowledge that the ACDP garnered 0.57% of the vote in 2014, but recent polls indicated that we have grown our support base by almost 400% nationally. In addition, the ACDP received 7% of the vote in a recent by-election in the Western Cape. The increased support base is an indicator of the collective effort and commitment of the ACDP in continuously building the profile of the party. We are not where we would like to be, but we remain committed to working hard to grow the party in size and relevance.
    The President of the ACDP, Dr Kenneth Meshoe, and myself as Deputy President, have engaged with thousands of pastors, leaders and business people around the country who have responded positively to the message and vision of the ACDP. The same can be said of other ACDP leaders and members who have weathered many storms in the party over the years, yet stayed faithful and dedicated to the cause of a Godly government serving all people in South Africa.
    We have had challenges with different leadership styles and methodology that needed to be worked on, and we will ensure that the concerns brought to our attention will be attended to. The process of collective decision making within the ACDP, is a hallmark of our decision making process, which is something Mr Naidoo struggled with. We believe that collective decision making is imperative to maintain checks and balances, and promote accountability to one another. Proverbs 11:14 tell us that there is safety in the multitude of counsellors.
    Radical changes certainly need to be made, however, some of the changes proposed by those not familiar with the running of a political party in a democratic dispensation would prove problematic as it would flout the constitution, rules, and procedures of the ACDP. Any change to our constitution can only be considered at a properly constituted National General Conference of the ACDP.
    One of the biggest challenges the ACDP has encountered over the years is a lack of finance, which has made our efforts to improve communication, employ sufficient staff, and increase the visibility of the party a mammoth task. We are deeply grateful for all our members who believe in the vision of the party, and have sacrificed their time and resources to do everything they can to help increase the support base.
    It is worth noting that Mr Naidoo constantly spoke of “my vision”, not our vision, or the vision of the ACDP. The vision of the ACDP has always been very clear, that is “to bring about a Godly government in South Africa which embraces all who live within her borders; to ensure that we build strong family units where our citizens live in peace and within safe environments; and to grow our economy in order to create much needed jobs”.

    In a letter addressed to the ACDP leadership Mr Naidoo called for; “Pastor Kenneth Meshoe and the NEC to immediately step down from leadership”. A few hours later, an email was received from a former member of the ACDP who is now based in the US, Mr Jack Stagman, stating that the new President must be Mr Errol Naidoo. If all the leaders did not step down – action would be taken to discredit the party in the media. It is to be noted that the leaders of the ACDP are elected by a democratic process, not ultimatums. We do not hold any offense towards Mr Naidoo or those plotting against us, and we will continue to love and pray for them.
    We appreciate all the support, constructive criticism, advice and prayers, and we will do our best to implement the necessary changes to effectively advance the Kingdom of God in our nation.
    The leadership of the ACDP and its members wish to thank Mr Naidoo for his contribution to the party, and the brief time he spent with us as Communications Director. We pray that the passion and commitment that he has shown for families will continue to grow, and we wish him well in all his future endeavours.

    ACDP Deputy President
    Cllr. Wayne Thring

  44. I have rarely seen a statement so riddled with “I” … I quote, “I joined the ACDP with the intent to bring about revival, renewal and growth.” O really! You Sir are NOT Messiah though you certainly seem to believe that you have the key to revival, renewal and growth.” Humble yourself and see what mighty things God can do “through” you instead of “because of you.” Throughout history Father God has shown that numerical superiority and human logic falls way, way short of His ways which are much higher, and His thinking which is more profound than the ways and thoughts of mere dust such as you and I. Become God’s instrument, and leave the conductor’s role to Him. As long as you see yourself as the conductor, you are of no use to Father God’s Vision and Mission.

  45. It is written: Humble yourself before the mighty hand of God and He will raise you up.

    It is also written that there are people that have a form of godliness but denies its power, and the writer urges true believers to turn away from such people.

    Why does it seem that those with objections to the leadership of the ACDP completely discount the power of God? Is He not able to persuade or remove people from their positions if He wills to do so? Has God not raised up these men and equiped them with wisdom to serve humbly and faithfully for many years?

    Should we consider voter numbers, or fruits?

    Let us consider the planks in our own eyes people, or ask a faithful and true friend to point it out for you!

  46. Dear Saints,

    Our fight is not against the flesh. We are saddened by our fellow Christians who either resign or fall into the trap of the devil. The devil is unfortunately blinding believers. The character of Christ in humility, and unfortunately that is what the Body of Christ is lacking. The minute you hear a righteous person saying ” I this, I that, My money, My car, I had a great idea, I want, My time..”, then you must be very concerned and pray for them. Joshua served under Moses for many years until God called him, he did not recognize or elevate himself. The Disciples of Christ asked Jesus who was the best/greatest among them? Jesus answered, “Instead, the greatest among you should be like … the one who serves” Luke 22: 26.

    The Disciples had proven how entirely they were lacking in the grace of humility. The sons of Zebedee , with their mother, had asked for the first places- the seat on the right hand and left. “He who humbles himself will be exalted” Luke 18: 14. As it is written, He humbled Himself… therefore God exalted him to the highest place (Phi 2: 8 – 9).
    We must learn of Jesus , how He is meek and lowly of heart. He counted himself the Servant of men. Mat 11: 29 “…learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart…” We did not even touch the fruit of the Spirit just to demonstrate that True believers are patient as opposed to having patience.

    HUMILITY will Unite the Body of Christ. Pride is very dangerous and… most believers appoint themselves as prophets yet they “prophelie”. The ACDP will prevail with or without self-proclaimed prophets and “men of God”.

    Humility before God is nothing if not proved in humility before men.

    Shalom Shalom

  47. Dear loved ones. Yeshua quietly leads. His Word instructs not to worry; about no thing. Do not worry about finances!!!! Do not use finances as an excuse. Believe He is Provider!!! Seek His Kingdom first and the rest will be added. Seek The Lord Gis Kingdom and His Righteousness. Do not seek your own. STOP!!!!! Let us all humble
    ourselves before the living God. STOP critisizing, opinions, finger-pointing, blaming, – do not do as the world does. We are to love one another so that this way the Light of Christ (not our light) shall shine and draw others to Him (not us). STOP!!!!! Discussions like these must be submitted carefully for the world reads this too. This is how division creeps in – the worldly way. STOP!!!!!! Holy Spirit – love and self-control through technology to be prayed about; wisdom and integrity. We are to lead in LOVE. Division is a trap from the enemy. Discern. How do we reflect Christ? (Not us). When we are truly called (Yeshua was is and forever called to be Son of God – He learned to be obedient by shedding blood) . Can we endure longggg-suffering in a called ministry by the Lord until the end, shedding blood quietly as the Lamb? Politics: be born again.
    REPENT from I ME SELF! Turn from wicked ways thoughts feelings. Invite Holy Spirit, Spirit of Truth into all gatherings and pray for SELF to die in political gatherings. Ask Holy Spirit to lead – only if we believe. Seek righteousness of The Lords Kingdom. Get out of the way our way thoughts will emotions and desires. Come Lord. Welcome Holy Spirit to take over and lead mens hearts, then Revival – Restoration will come = healing our land SA.
    May The Lord Yeshua Hamasiach alone rule and reign and His full truth of who He truly is – I AM Rock of Ages. If you love Me you will keep my statues. All of it. Ask from Me always by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, whaiting on Me.
    You have not for you do not ask (Me) and when you do you have wrong motives (man-made) . Seek Me and you will find Me.
    If you truly have Me you will not come against each other (differ from each other) . My Spirit (Holy Holy Holy) is the same : yesterday today tomorrow – forever. As you stand together lead by My Spirit you shall ve in one accord and not fail. Make sure My Spirit is in all your prayers gatherings will emotions plans. I love you.

  48. Oh my word….how tragic is all this….the devil is having a field day with the Church of Jesus Christ and certainly achieving his objectives, which is to discredit Christianity and to tell the world that we all have hidden agendas!!
    I too, do not believe that the ACDP should/ could rule a secular nation BUT a very strong voice of Godly morality, unbiased common sense and reason out of chaos, yes please!!!!!
    As the church, in 1984, there was such a heavy spirit of prayer upon us for the emerging nation and God answered and now, 25 years later……so many conflicting voices, in fighting, tragic. But, its not just the political parties, christian or other, who have changed. Christians have changed. We have become comfortable, lethargic, depressed by all the bad news of corruption etc and our churches, by and large, are not sounding the clear call of the way forward. Yes, there are some magnificent loud calls to National prayer and Gods people respond in their thousands which should tell you that we are there and just waiting to hear the Lords voice raised in revival and direction!!


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