“Support for the Jewish state is not a partisan issue, it is an American issue,” Pence stated.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein met with US Vice President Mike Pence on Friday during the annual convention of the Israeli American Council (IAC) in Miami, where he praised the US’ unprecedented support for Israel.

Edelstein thanked Pence for his speech at the convention, in which he declared that “the United States of America will never compromise the safety and security of the Jewish state of Israel,” and that “support for the Jewish state is not a partisan issue, it is an American issue.”

Pence also said that Airbnb’s decision to drop rentals in Judea and Samaria from its site was “wrong” and amounts to a boycott of the Jewish state, possibly exposing the company to legal action in the US.

Edelstein told Pence that due to the US’ unwavering support for Israel, as expressed in the vice president’s speech, the whole atmosphere in the Middle East is changing.

“The attitude of the Arab world towards Israel is changing, thanks to the Trump government,” Edelstein said. 

“A few years ago many countries hoped and waited for tension between US-Israeli relations, but today that has changed completely,” he told Vice President Pence. “The countries of the world, including the Arab states, understand that the alliance between the United States and Israel is stronger than ever. They understand that they have no choice but to cooperate with Israel.”

Speaking at the Knesset on Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted that Israel is “flourishing in an unprecedented manner. Our relations with the moderate countries in the Arab and Muslim world are being forged openly.” 

Last month, Netanyahu visited the Gulf country of Oman and met with its ruler Sultan Qaboos bin Said. It is the first trip made by an Israeli prime minister since Shimon Peres in 1996.

Israeli Sports and Culture Minister Miri Regev and Communications Minister Ayoob Kara also recently visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Regev attended the Abu Dhabi Judo Grand Slam, where the Israeli team won two gold medals and had the Hatikva national anthem played for them. Kara spoke at a communications conference in Dubai. 

Last Sunday, Israel and Chad renewed ties, 46 years after they were cut off, as Chad’s President Idriss Deby met with Netanyahu in Jerusalem. Netanyahu will soon make a visit to the Muslim-majority African country, where the nations plan to establish full diplomatic relations.

Israeli media estimates that Israel is on the way to establishing ties with Sudan in Africa, which currently is currently officially hostile to Israel, and with the Gulf state of Bahrain.

Date published: 25/12/2018
Written by: United with Israel Staff
Feature image: US Vice President Mike Pence
Article source: unitedwithisrael.org


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