Christmas season is one of the most beautiful and festive times of the year. People give love and precious gifts. Families gather and enjoy each other, friends go on vacation and spend time in each other’s company, and the air is full of fun and excitement. This season celebrates the most important gift we received from God – His beloved son, Jesus Christ.

A McDonald’s in Tennessee decided to show customers that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas. A nativity scene, the true essence of Christmas, was displayed by the restaurant owners, Tony and Gina Wolfe. 

They painted a beautiful illustration of what Christmas is all about on the wall, with phrases like “Rejoice” and “His Name is Jesus” written right next to the painting. The couple shared that it’s been their family tradition for almost 40 years.

Drove by and did a double-take. Growing up in the mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald's…you made my day. "His name is Jesus".

Posted by Amy Klutinoty on Monday, 14 December 2015

The photo posted by Amy Klutinoty went viral – shared a total of 81, 977 times. The painting made her day, and apparently others’ days as well, given all of the positive feedback on her post. 

Seeing a painting like this in a well-known fast food company is quite inspiring. It serves as a beautiful illustration of what Christmas is all about.

This Christmas season, let’s remember to share the love of Jesus. Let’s pray for more businesses who will boldly glorify Jesus in public, like Tony and Gina Wolfe. They stepped out in faith to share with everyone the hope that this world needs – hope in Jesus. He is worthy to be praised and together, let’s glorify Him in everything that we do.

Date published: 13/12/2018
Written by: Kriza Jo Tanduyan
Article Source:


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