The UN Environmental Programme and its Executive Director Erik Solheim must condemn Hamas arson terrorism and use all necessary means at their disposal to stop these illegal actions immediately.

Over the course of the past four months, Hamas terrorists have burned thousands of tires during riots on Israel’s border and have launched hundreds of incendiary devices into Israeli territory.

The combined effect of these terrorist acts has not only led to the release of toxic materials into the ecosystem, but has resulted in the destruction of more than 7,400 acres of land, hundreds of acres of wheat fields, and 2,700 acres of protected nature reserves.

Wildlife is either killed or forced to flee their native habitats by Hamas’ arson terrorism.

Forests and farmland have been ravaged, and the livelihood of the thousands of Israeli farmers who have committed their lives to turning what was once a desert into an oasis has been shattered. 

Thus far, over 1,000 incendiary devices were sent across the border, leading to more than 750 fires –an average of eleven per day. Not only has the cost of damage exceeded $3 million, but it will take years to reverse the ecological damage caused by Hamas.

The United Nations must address and condemn Hamas’ eco-terrorism!

Both UN resolutions and International Humanitarian Law expressly prohibit the destruction of the natural environment in armed conflict, and yet the international community has remained silent as Hamas wages environmental warfare that endangers civilians, wildlife, and ravages the natural beauty and resources of Israel’s southern region. 

We must join the World Jewish Congress and call on the UN Environmental Programme and its Executive Director Erik Solheim to condemn these acts and use all necessary measures at their disposal to ensure that these illegal actions cease immediately.

Erik Solheim – condemn Hamas for causing severe environmental damage to southern Israel.  

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Feature image: Israeli firefighters combat a Hamas ignited blaze. (Edi Israel/Flash90)
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