Christian groups from across the UK are uniting in a bid to stir the Church into greater levels of evangelism.

The campaign Advance 2020 was launched at Lambeth Palace with over a hundred leaders present.

It’s being spearheaded by Andy Hawthorne, from youth charity the Message. Speaking to Premier, he said: “I felt like we need to see a multiplication of the evangelist gift but also in Isaiah 60 it says ‘assemble my people’ and I felt like we need to start going big again” 

Those involved in the project include Hope, the Evangelical Alliance (EA) and the Church of England.

Speaking to Premier about the EA’s involvement, Gavin Calver said: “We’re dreaming of seeing the United Kingdom come back to relationship with Jesus as many people are released as witnesses to their friends, their communities, sports clubs. We’re really excited.” 

Between now and 2020, there will be training events for those wanting to engage in more evangelism.

It’s hoped that a united approach will lead to “the gospel being taken to the nation on an unprecedented scale”.

Date published: 08/10/2018
Written by: Marcus Jones
Article source:


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