5 million – that is the number of people expected, in faith, to attend the It’s Time Pretoria prayer gathering on October 27th. At the previous two It’s Time prayer gatherings, in Bloemfontein and in Cape Town, uncle Angus Buchan and his Shalom Ministries team witnessed over 2 million people in attendance. Prayers are going out for the upcoming gathering, which is expected to be the biggest yet. I had the privilege to chat to uncle Angus and find out more about what God has laid on his heart. 

I was at the recent It’s Time Mitchell’s Plain – it was absolutely moving. Since then we have seen many prayers answered – such as the downpour of rain in the Western Cape. I think the question on everyone’s heart is: Why another It’s Time?
I am so glad you asked this! James 5:16 says that, “The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” After the first It’s Time in Bloemfontein, we saw a new president elected, we saw the Rand strengthened, and we saw the best yield of maize that the farmers in the area had seen in years. At the It’s Time in Cape Town, we specifically prayed for rain. We humbled ourselves and repented, and the rain began to fall as we worshipped. Since then, the Cape has had one of the wettest winters in many years. We know that when God’s people pray, He listens and is faithful.

What is the focus of the upcoming It’s Time?
Our country is currently poised on a dangerous edge, there is much unrest. I am a farmer; my feet are on the ground. I originate from Zambia; I am 100% colourblind when it comes to race. If God doesn’t intervene in South Africa, we could be on the brink of a civil war. At the gathering, we will pray against racialism, hatred, greed, an end to corruption, a Godly government, equality, opportunity, and employment. We will pray that Jesus will be pre-eminent, that schools will be open to preach the Gospel. We will also pray for the murder against unborn children, and for morality to be restored in this great nation. 

Why Pretoria?
Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa. I am the eternal optimist. If we want change in South Africa, we should start praying in the city that initiates change. We have many ungodly politicians and policies, and it’s time to change that. I have the Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng as a firm supporter for this gathering. He and his family flew up to our farm recently and we spent many hours in prayer. This is a nation ready for change.

What can you tell us about the venue?
I had a dream. God showed me an airfield and told me that it would be the venue for this gathering. I did not know or recognise the airfield. My son, Andy, went to all the airports in Gauteng to find this airfield, but none of them were the vision that God had given me. After much time and prayer, Andy eventually found the airfield from my dream. He approached the owners and told them about the dream, and they offered us the venue for free. God orchestrated this whole appointment. The airfield is over 1000 hectares (2400 acres). It has been mowed already, and there are no fences – the venue is open for all to join on the day. There will be trains coming up from Cape Town, just for the event.

And what is in it for you?
Nothing – the event will cost millions. The stage alone costs over R6 million. I don’t believe in asking people for money, I never have and never will. The event will be free for all to come, and there won’t be a collection on the day. My heart is to further the Gospel, not to make money. God has called this gathering to action, and He will supply all that is needed – He has never let me down. We have already got our venue for free, and over 1000 toilets sponsored. We still need advertising and transport, but I know that God will supply our needs. 

Is there anything that you wish to leave with our readers?
Yes! I want to ask every person who reads this article to please pray for the event, and to be there on the day. It is time to believe for miracles – God is not a man that He should lie. Business owners, and farmers specifically, bring busses and bring all your workers – you won’t get another opportunity like this to pray with the nation for peace and Godliness.

God requires obedience
Isaiah 66:8 asks if a nation can be born in a day, I say the answer is yes! I strongly believe that the nation will be rebuilt with God’s protection over us. God wants obedience. Psalm 133 says, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity . . . For there the Lord commanded the blessing—Life forevermore.” Let us dwell together in prayer and unity on October 27th in Pretoria – I look forward to seeing you there!

Interview by: Gillian Fraser
Article source: JOY! News


  1. Good day
    I would live information re the Its Time train to Pretotia from Cspe Town. No info on internet yet.
    Kind regards
    Maritha Kotze

    • There is a train with still few places available. Contact me on 0837439923 and I will send you the correct contact details of the organizers.

  2. I was praying on the stage after the first It’s time in Bloemfontein meeting. I had a vision from God that He would turn South Africa into a SHINING LIGHT for the nation’s and this is what is happening. ..AFRICA UNITE!


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