In 2018, Christian sports star Tim Tebow announced that he produced his first film, “Run the Race,” with his brother Robby Tebow. The faith-based movie production tells a story about two high school brothers who find themselves in a difficult family dynamic.

As the young men mourn the loss of their mother and deal with the abandonment of their alcoholic father, one of them pursues a football scholarship in hopes of leading a better life for the both of them. However, an unexpected injury destroys his chance at the college football scholarship.

The other brother steps up, hoping he is able to get them out of their small town on a track scholarship. Throughout the film, the two boys are forced with the decision of either running to or away from God’s loving arms in the midst of adversity. 

In a newly-released sneak peek of the emotional film, Tebow shared a significant message about the theme of the movie: God’s love.

“We don’t understand how to love until we understand how much we’re loved,” Tebow said in the short video. “How much we’re loved by the God of this universe that out of everything he could have done and could be doing, He chose us.”

“He chose to give His all — His best — for us. And His best was His son. He gave it for you, He gave it for me. He couldn’t have sacrificed more, He couldn’t have given more. He gave His everything and He gave His best because He loves us like crazy because He loves YOU like crazy,” the former star quarterback added. 

See Tebow’s powerful message about God’s love below:

The official trailer for “Run the Race” was also recently released. Watch it below:

Stay tuned for more information about “Run the Race.” The movie hits theaters February 22, 2019.

Faith Family America recently interviewed Robby Tebow regarding this upcoming film. Please check out the interview details here.

In breaking news, a gunman held several children hostage in a quiet Boise neighborhood; three people involved in the incident were tragically killed.

Date published: 14/01/2019
Written by: Alex Olsen
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