Tens of thousands of Christians from around the world descended upon Melbourne’s Marvel Stadium for “Awakening Australia“.

It’s all apart of a mission to bring 100,000 Australians to Jesus in a country where most people describe themselves as having no religion at all.

The event was organized by Ben Fitzgerald, leader of Awakening Europe and former Bethel staff member. Awakening Australia staff spent the weekend preaching the gospel, leading people to Christ, and commissioning them to share the love of Jesus with other Australians.

The event kicked off with motivational speaker, evangelist, and limbless man Nick Vujicic.

“God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet,” he told the crowd.  

The event featured other artists and speakers including Bethel Music, Todd White, Heidi Baker, Jake Hamilton, Daniel Kolenda, Bill Johnson, Awakening Music, Jeremy Riddle, Lindy Conant and many more.

Many people responded to the gospel.

“Hundreds were born of God as they responded to Jesus tonight There is truly something remarkable happening in Australia!! There is an Awakening, a sound in God’s people here that will shake the nation,” Fitzgerald posted on Facebook.

The salvations continued throughout the weekend.

“Some powerful moments from last nights Altar call. So many salvations and freedom deliverance to our Australian family! Get here tonight for the final night!” Awakening Australia posted on Facebook.

The organizations then held mass baptisms for those who gave their lives to Christ.

Thousands also proclaimed the gospel in the streets. 

“I had to Share. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw this video. I can’t believe this is happening in Australia,” Fitzgerald wrote after seeing crowds of Australians singing “Amazing Grace.”

Organizers are already planning to hold another Awakening Australia in 2020.

Date published: 22/11/2018
Written by: Emily Jones
Article source: www1.cbn.com


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