The late Billy Graham was one of the most prominent evangelical Christians in recent times and was loved by many people. Because of his deep devotion to God, Christianity has always overflowed to his family, just as Tullian Tchividjian experienced while growing up. His mother is the oldest child of Billy and Ruth Graham which made Rev Graham his maternal grandfather. 

Even though he grew up in a Christian environment, Tullian couldn’t figure out where he fitted inside the home. So he tried to figure everything outside their home. At the young age of 16, his lifestyle changed and it became disruptive to the rest of his family until his parents told him that if he kept on living the way he was, he could not longer stay at home. So he went to live with his friends and engaged in a wild party lifestyle. 

His mom and dad are dearly loved in their community and many people wanted to try and help Tullian. They started to approach him and try and convince him to come home. See his testimony in the video below and you will see how powerful the love of God is. 

This only thing that healed him is the unconditional love of God which was was shown by his parents. The way his parents loved him reflects the love of the Father to the Prodigal Son. Watch and be inspired with this amazing story of redemption:

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