The Passion of the Christ is an utterly heart-piercing movie. It is a powerful reminder of the most wonderful act of love that has ever transpired in the history of humanity; a love that no one could ever replicate and the only kind of love with the power to save the entire world. Jim Caviezel, the main actor who portrayed Jesus Christ in the film, put on the performance of a lifetime as he beautifully portrayed to viewers who Jesus really is. In an interview, years after the release of the film, he shares a wonderful message for all Christians. 

He very simply encourages all of us to remember Jesus and His great love for us. Love one another just as Jesus loves us. If you are able to give mercy and love to one of your friends, then how much more to our Father in heaven? He is merciful enough that He offered His only begotten son just to show that He forgives us; you and me. 

It is through his portrayal of Jesus in the Passion of the Christ that Jim Caviezel expresses that he came to new and greater sense of intimacy with God. In the interview he shares the story of how he nearly died on several occasions during the production of the film. He suffered multiple dislocations of his shoulder, a weakened and distressed heart from physically hanging on the cross and he was even struck by lightning. Through the physical and mental trials that he endured during the filming of the movie, he expressed how he felt completely at peace, knowing that should he in fact die filming this movie that he would go to heaven and countless more lives would be saved as a result his sacrifice portraying Jesus.

In addition to his testimony and the simple, yet powerful, message of God’s love, he also shares the importance of holiness. Every time we sin, we deny Him. He reminds us about the scripture saying, “Be holy, be perfect just as my Father is perfect.” 

Jesus is powerful enough to change you, but only if you will allow Him to enter into your heart. You are perfect in the eyes of God, not because you don’t have sin, but because you are so unique that there’s no one else like you. Jesus knows everything about you. People may not acknowledge everything you’ve done for Him, but know that your Father in Heaven appreciates what you are doing and He will some day reward you.

Credits: Dr. Jerry Brandt’s YouTube // interview with Jim Caviezel

Written by: GOD TV
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