The radical Islamic terrorist group in Mali, Jama’at Nusrat al-Islam wal-Muslimin, JNIM, (the Support of Islam and Muslims) has declared that its war in the country is against Christians.

Abu Dujana al-Qasimi, the Jihadists’ spokesman, in a propaganda video, said it’s battle “between the carriers of the Quran and the worshippers of cross… battle between truth and falsehood” and “between the people of virtue and the followers of vice.” 

Qasimi explained that the “mujahideen” are Muslims on the side of truth, while christians, who he called “Crusader enemy,” led by France, is the evil to be destroyed.

The propaganda, which was apparently targeted against the French government, said the French government is trying to prevent the tribal groups from supporting the terrorist jihadi sect. The video claimed that the French forces fighting the terrorists had failed to achieve “military victory on the ground” and therefore it is now “stirring up tribalism and jahiliya (a primitive Islamic ignorance) vengefulness, to preoccupy the Muslim tribes in jahiliya wars.” 

The spokesman claimed that the “Mujahideen initiated blessed steps to reconcile between the Muslim tribes,” which has brought “unification of the word of the Mujahideen under one flag and one commander.”

Sophie Petronin, Christian Missionary held hostage in Mali

Qasimi, in the video, warned “tribal dignitaries and their leaders,” not to join the drive to recruit people into the military force set up to help combat the terrorist group, the Mécanisme Opérationnel de Coordination, MOC, saying the recruitment exercise was a deceit to combats the “Mujahideen,” calling the exercise a dirty plan. He said that anyone joining the MOC was clearly demonstrating “loyalty to the infidels.” And said anyone in the army are those that “align themselves with the Christians.” 

“So we say to anyone who allows themselves to participate in this malicious project ( of joining the MOC), to show piety to Allah, who created them, and to fear Allah’s punishment and not to sell their faith for a temporary offer in the world, and to favor the everlasting to the temporary life,” Qasimi saysjoining the force is an act of “infidelity and apostasy from the religion of Islam.”

Qasimi warns that the French “occupying enemy” has put forth a new plan, which encourages the “tribes to deliver their weapons and to register them in an official fashion and to join Mali and to enter under its rule, its orders and policies, and to work militarily in its army.” This is an ultimatum, Qasimi said, and called on muslims in the region not to “stand with the unjust” French army. 

Samantha Reho, a spokesperson for the Pentagon’s U.S Africa Command (AFRICOM) told Fox Newsthat “JNIM presents a significant terrorism threat across the Sahel because it unites disparate extremist groups under one umbrella and actively targets regional governments and Western interests. Al-Qaeda activities in Africa contribute to regional instability and threaten our regional partners,” Reho said. “We will continue to support the international effort, to include the G-5 Sahel Task Force and the French, to degrade the capabilities of these violent militants to execute attacks and to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat their networks.”

Date published: 12/01/2019
Written by: Hassan John
Feature image: Sophie Petronin
Article source:


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