The well-known YouVersion Bible-reading app is now over 10 years old and is still growing. Over 1 million people have subscribed to the app on New Year’s Day, says Relevant Magazine.

The founder of YouVersion Bobby Greunwald says that there have been 2,500 new Bible plans just in 2018. The majority of these plans originate from partnerships with different organizations. Most of these bible-reading plans are available in different languages.

YouVersion has seen a striking 62 percent increase year over year, says Relevant magazine. Greunwald explains that this increase in subscribers might have been caused by YouVersion’s recent attention on international outreach.

“Over the years, we’ve added several features focused on developing a habit of reading or listening to the Bible every day,” Gruenewald told The Christian Post.

Greunwald says that YouVersion is very greatful for all the different partners that are helping to make all this content available and are determined to see their subcribtions increase year after year.

Date published: 13/01/2019
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