Attackers fired shots at the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

Turkish media reports 4 to 5 shots came from a moving car as it passed the building. A bullet hit a window, but there were no injuries. 

Turkey has condemned the attack, and officials there say two people with criminal records have now been detained.

The shooting comes as tensions between the US and Turkey escalate over imprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunson. He’s a US citizen, and President Donald Trump has called for his immediate release. 

Over the weekend, the US rejected an offer by Turkey to drop its charges against Pastor Brunson in exchange for the US dropping billions in fines against a Turkish bank.

Turkey’s economy is being hammered, in part by US sanctions. Turkish currency value tumbled last week after US sanctions and tariffs were announced. 

The US said it won’t negotiate until Pastor Brunson is free.

Written by: Benjamin Gill
Article source:


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