The Mayor of London is encouraging politicians to look to the Church to learn lessons in kindness.

Speaking exclusively to Premier, Sadiq Khan has been explaining his disappointment in some of the dialogue coming from Parliament in recent weeks.

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“One of the things which inspires me about our churches is a simple word – kindness.

“The Church does kindness so well – treating each other with civility and respect and I wish us politicians learnt from that.

“The way we talk together, how we don’t even have the patience to hear someone else’s argument, giving people the benefit of doubt.” 

Mr Khan was speaking to Premier from the London Carols event at Wembley Arena hosted by Hillsong Church.

Addressing the estimated 10,000 in attendance, he thanked the Christian community for the “huge contribution” they make to London.

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He told Premier he’s often inspired by the Church within his own work.

He said: “One of the great things about the Church is when they’re helping a rough sleeper or someone involved in violent crimes, they don’t say, ‘Are you a Christian? Are you practicing? What are your views?’ – they want to help you. 

“I think that’s inspirational and that’s one of the things I try to engender in my own life.”

London Carols is by some margin the biggest Church Christmas event in the UK.

Around 30,000 people attend each year.

Date published: 19/12/2018
Written by: Marcus Jones
Feature image: Sadiq Khan
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