Massive stage, TV screens and sound

Not just a “Angus Buchan gathering”, but a prayer meeting for South Africa.”

South Africa has not experienced a prayer meeting of this magnitude, where millions of South Africans will pray together for redemption, peace and prosperity.

The business community, churches, community leaders, ordinary citizens and farmers have joined hands and with unprecedented donations and free labour have helped to make the massive gathering possible.

400 Traffic officers, 1000 sq metre TV screens, 6 km optic fibre
2500 hectares have been prepared for parking, camping and the gathering. Four hundred traffic officers will be on duty with the Tshwane Metro Police.

If there were ever doubts that South Africans realised they should “not put their trust in princes”, the incredible infrastructure to accommodate millions of people proves it.

To prepare for South Africa’s largest prayer gathering ever, more than 100 km of dirt roads have been serviced, 12 km brand new dirt roads have been graded, 2 new bridges built, 3 other bridges serviced, 120 tons of lime used for roads and markings and 125 km of hazard tape.

180 tons of scaffolding was used to build a stage of 5 storeys. To ensure that millions of people can follow proceedings, 34 big screens – a total of 1000 square metres daylight LED screens – have been erected. 

Die 1,8 million watt speakers have been mounted on 29 towers, 5 storeys high, 6 km  optic cable was used and there are more than enough toilets available.

The organisers of this Saturday’s It’s Time prayer gathering in Pretoria are preparing for 5 million people – the largest gathering in the history of South Africa.

Joining hands and prayer are the only solutions for South Africa
“South Africans must join hands and unite in prayer for a stable South Africa, says Angus Buchan, visionary for It’s Time.

All information about the gathering at Rhino Park Airfield just outside Pretroria East, is availble at 

Are you serious?
Never before have so many people from all population groups and levels of society joined hands and forces.

Some businesses have even undertaken to close for the event to give their staff the opportunity to attend.

“It is time for every South Africa to take a stand on whether they are serious about the country, to take decisions and accept responsibility through actions – and the action of gathering in prayer at It’s Time.

This is not just a “Angus Buchan gathering”, but a prayer meeting for South Africa.”

Free parking and camp site
Special, free parking areas are being made available on farms where people can park their vehicles and walk a few kilometres to the event.

People can also camp nearby from this coming Thursday. Free camping tickets are available from

Bring own food and water
As the whole event is free, all campers or day visitors must provide their own chairs, cushions, food and beverages. Toilets will be erected.

Gates open Saturday morning at 01:00. The program starts at 09.00, with the main event from 12.00 to 14.00.

Date published: 25/10/2018


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