Pentatonix is a musical group who sings all of their songs a cappella. Their music is very unique, and I have yet to hear anything like it. Every instrument that you hear in any of their songs is actually one of the member’s voices. They do so many songs but are known for their Christmas renditions. They always give a special performance, but this is an extra special rendition of ‘How Great Thou Art’ because the Pentatonix performs with American Idol, Season 3 finalist, Jennifer Hudson.

The stage is set very festive with Christmas trees, presents, and lights. The musicians are all dressed up in colors red, black, and white- really giving off the Christmas feel. Jennifer Hudson begins singing the famous hymn, “How Great Thou Art”. The song is on their Christmas album, so the audience is in for a real treat!

“Oh Lord, my God. When I’m in awesome wonder”. 

In typical JHUD fashion, she sings so strong and so beautifully, not missing a key. That is when one of the Pentatonix members join her, perfectly harmonizing with every single note she sings. The sound fills the auditorium, and everyone in the audience really loves the music.

As the song continues, the other Pentatonix members join in a three-part harmony. The sound is pure perfection! And the audience can’t help but clap to the beat. They cheer loudly at the graduation of every melody. It truly was an unforgettable performance!

WATCH: Pentatonix Performs With Jennifer Hudson

No matter which performance is your favorite, this song will forever be a classic because of its powerful message. When storms rage, we have no fear because God is our fortress and refuge!

Date published: 25/12/2018
Written by: Nikki Cameron 
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