South Africa is ready for true change that brings lasting solutions to the people, for the people, and by the people.

The old wineskin is redundant:
The elite misuse political power at the expense of the people; the poor are being exploited; society’s values have become worthless as the fabric of our communities are falling apart. Without a strong civil society, even political and economic structures fail.

If leaders are not held accountable by the people, they become corrupt. But we will need to unite and stand together, otherwise change won’t come. The old ways are coming to an end in South Africa and the time has come for something completely NEW…

For a time such as this
A new wineskin is taking shape as the people are awakening to the fact that they have the power to bring the change they want to see in South Africa. Being a people that embraces good values, the majority of South Africans want to be part of raising ethical standards so that everything can flourish.

The moral crisis we are in is the root cause of the country’s downfall. Something new emerges when the people take their power back and apply it in the highest ethical and values-based manner possible. We are taking responsibility for South Africa.

This is the new wineskin that will be able to hold the new wine. Change is coming, but we need to be ready. 

Everyone is waiting, but now is the time to engage. Something new is being birthed in South Africa that will stun the world. Our story is not finished. It is NOT game over. In fact, it has only begun…

Time for awakening to the NEW.

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Date published: 14/10/2018
Written by: Arno Van Niekerk
Article Source: New Nation Movement


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