Natalie Grant, Christian singer and co-founder of the organization Hope for Justice, recently testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to say that slavery still exists in the world today and we need to put an end to it. Grant was invited to speak by Sen. Bob Corker. During her seven-minute testimony, she shares her personal experience of encountering human trafficking and why it is important to end this modern slavery practice. Her anti-trafficking organization now has 22 offices in eight countries on four continents, and Grant says the ministry rescued 37,000 children in 2017.

She cites Proverbs 31:8 in her closing remarks, saying, “I commit my life to Proverbs 31:8, which says ‘Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Ensure justice for those being crushed.’ I have seen those who are crushed, and I say that together, we must do whatever it takes to give them justice.” 

Natalie Grant shared her closing remarks from her testimony on Instagram.

Date published: 07/12/2018
Feature image: Natalie Grant


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