A Muslim sheik named Sadik, vacationing in Germany, was strolling along a popular shopping area when he met some Cru missionaries.

“Every year, men, women and families from the Arabian Gulf Peninsula vacation in Europe,” notes Mike Duggins with Cru. “And Cru staff members are sharing the gospel with them while they have the chance. 

Arabic missionaries initiate conversations with tourists from these restricted countries, handing out Christian resources and following up for discipleship.

“In Munich, Mehdi* met a sheik named Sadik on the street. Sadik’s brother had become a Christian, which saddened him. But he said that if Christianity was true, he would believe if he could be convinced,” according to Cru.

One of the team women, Nafisa*, joined the two and they talked for quite a while. 

“Are you afraid this might be true?” Nafisa finally asked, point-blank.

Sadik had no answer, but went away brooding over her question.

The following day, Mehdi and Nafisa were back on the street handing out Christian materials and were surprised to see Sadik return.

His attitude had changed. There was an earnestness in his desire to talk with them. He told them about a dream he had the previous night.

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Sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Europe (photo credit: Cru)

“I was in the desert running, and was thirsty,” he told them. “I saw you there, Nafisa. You were wearing a white robe, with a cross on the front and back, and you were giving out fresh water. I asked you for water, but you wouldn’t give it to me!”

When Sadik awakened, he immediately recognized the source of the dream. “The dream changed my heart!” he exclaimed. “I knew it was from God, and that the water of life is only for those who believe in Jesus. So I prayed that I would meet you both again, which I now have!” 

There, on a busy commercial street, he bowed his head with the two missionaries and prayed to receive Christ. Sadik was born again and connected with an endless supply of Living Water!

“Mehdi was able to continue communicating and discipling him while he was still on the mission trip,” Duggins notes.

Written by: Mark Ellis
Article source: blog.godreports.com


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