John and Pat had been Christians for only 8 months. John was instantly set free from drugs and alcohol by Jesus and now he wants to tell everyone about the love of God. He believes what Jesus did for him, he will also do for others.

One day, when John and Patt were evangelizing the love God to the people, they met Mark and his daughter. Mark told them how his lower back had been damaged for 38 years. Doctors could not fix it and so Mark had lost all hope that he could be healed. When John and Patt prayed a healing prayer in faith, the most amazing thing happened!

At first Mark didn’t believe that prayer would help him. But watch as the great love of God comes and touches Mark. After the healing prayer Mark walks away with pain still in his back, still not knowing what was about to happen. Only moments later Mark comes back after he felt how God has healed him.

“What did you do? It works man. Where’s the magic?” Mark asked John and Pat. 

John continued pointing to Jesus, saying that it is He who healed Mark.

“Doctors can’t do that. I’m going to tell everyone.” Mark stated and started telling people that Jesus healed him!

“He fixed my pain. My pain’s gone. Jesus is real.” He said as he started crying.

Soon after that he opened his heart to Jesus. 

Watch the great power of our living Lord and savior Jesus Christ! God is not looking for gold vessels or silver vessels; He’s looking for yielded vessels.

This article was written by Le-Jovale Vallejo.

Date published: 11/11/2018
Written by: GOD TV
Article source:


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