A fortified cereal meal substitute that has the ability to help patients gain weight fast is now available in South Africa. This product is packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients and is changing the lives of many who are affected by HIV / AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. This meal substitute is only R38.20 per kg, and is great for workers and the less fortunate.

Consider sponsoring this fortified cereal for the less fortunate this winter, those who are starving, or those who are riddled with life-threatening diseases. Contact Gerard on 084 336 6553, or email rucarehealth@telkomsa.net for more information.

RuCare (Rural Community Health Care Services) is a Christian organisation that produces Fortified Cereal, which helps individuals living with serious diseases such as HIV/Aids. This cereal helps individuals to pick up weight and live healthier and more normal lifestyles. The cereals are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help promote growth and healing.

Founded by God’s call
RuCare was founded by Gerard Byrne who was formerly an Interior Decorator. The Lord called him out of this profession in 1993 and said to him, “Who are you looking after? The ‘Haves’ or the ‘Have Nots’?”. Gerard had no idea where to go from this and continued faithfully in prayer. He came across a nutritional expert, trained by the Thames Valley Nutritional College in London, who gave him a formula for a cereal. He then found a small manufacturer to make the cereal blend. He decided to change tack from healing to prevention through good diet.

Charities and churches did not help
“I started to promote my cereal to charities and church feeding schemes. Progress was slow because charities needed donations to buy the food, thus they were not into buying. Churches were also not into feeding people,” Gerard says.

The nutrition of the product
Meanwhile, as more knowledge was gained, so the food has gone through formula updates. Today it meets the WHO formula of 100% RDA in all essential vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients. The natural protein in the grain has been boosted by 12% with added soy isolate (soy with everything isolated except the protein). It also has added probiotics that assist with infections. The food has been pre-cooked and just requires cold or warm water to make a very tasty porridge. This is a highly nourishing food for child-run families and the elderly, as no stove or fire is required to prepare it.

You are able to change a life!
“There is a massive need out there – as RuCare, I am asking readers to consider if you feel touched by what you have read. To most of you if you look about within the range of your eyesight, you will see need. The need is not a once-off like a weekly soup kitchen – it is in your face 24/7. Please consider if you want to help a local group’s need on a permanent basis, that would remove the need in one go. Healthy strong people are able to work in some way or other to bring about self-independence. I am sure most ‘Have Nots’ dream about such a day. Would you not if you were homeless?”

Companies can get involved too
This is a perfect program for companies that have a Corporate Social Investment. Children coming out of a long term help program will have the support to get through school without morning empty stomachs. A number of CSIs could bring about a huge bright future for thousands of ‘Have Not’ children, and be of great comfort to adults and the elderly.

Left: Alisa 14 October. Right: Alisa 24 January.

Saving the whole nation
“We have been using your supply of Fortified Cereal for our children at Henna Preschool that is sponsored by Lion Sands Private Game Reserve and would like to thank you for this magic food. The health of the kids has improved a lot. Henna Preschool has a total of 145 kids and many of them had sores around their bodies, but feeding them with Fortified Cereal worked like magic. They now look healthy and their concentration levels have also improved a lot. As we all know, it is now winter time and a lot of people have flu. Before we started giving them Fortified Cereal, it was difficult to keep all kids at school for the whole week because they were falling sick; but not anymore. Thank you very much. Please continue doing this good work. If you save one person, you are saving the whole nation.”

–Thembi Mdluli. Huntington Home Based Care, Mpumalanga


From 39 kgs to 66 kgs!
“Our guard Zeka has Aids. In January and February, he was in the hospital because of tuberculosis. In February he started with Fortified Cereal, which we bought from Gerard when we were in Johannesburg. Zeka was encouraged by us to take it, but also by an uncle who lives in South Africa. His weight went up from 39 kgs to 66 kgs. He had not worked since December last year, but the 4th of June was the first day that he worked again! It is a miracle of God for us, because we thought he would never come back. He hardly could walk when I visited him in the hospital in February, and now he is walking 2 kilometres per day from his house to our place. He has a wife and one child. He is still weak and will not work the whole day and do all the guard work, but we are very thankful that he is alive! He is a strong Christian and also a witness to others. God bless you in your work.”

–Laura Vos. Mocuba, Mozambique

Written by: RuCare
T: 011 793 2329
C: 084 336 6553
E: rucarehealth@telkomsa.net
Article Source: JOY! Magazine


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