President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent shock announcement that the ANC will support an amendment to the constitution to permit state seizure of private property without compensation has unleashed a wave of international and domestic criticism. 

Mr Ramaphosa’s announcement makes a mockery of the public participation process that has not yet concluded. The Constitutional Review Committee received more than 700 000 written submissions – apart from the thousands of oral presentations – that has not been reviewed. 

The premature announcement exposed the ruling party’s desperation to win back the support lost as a result of massive corruption and gross mismanagement of state resources.

The ANC’s support of land expropriation without compensation is purely political. If the ruling party really cared about the welfare of the people of South Africa, it would not have facilitated the unrestrained looting of taxpayers money and the ruin of state owned enterprises.

However, amending the constitution is a lengthy process and requires a two-thirds majority in Parliament. This means it may not be concluded before the General Elections in 2019.

South African citizens who care more about the strength of the economy and job creation must be warned that the ANC/EFF policy on land expropriation without compensation will seriously undermine SA’s fragile economy shedding thousands more jobs and increasing poverty. 

Significantly, many citizens were unjustly dispossessed of their land under the apartheid system. Land restitution, therefore, is a just and necessary requirement. But it must be managed in an orderly, just and equitable manner to ensure economic and social stability.

Christian voters have a critical opportunity next year to take God at His Word and select Godly men and women of integrity that hate dishonest gain and vote them into Parliament.

In addition, attacks against religious freedoms are escalating. The Commission for Gender Equality recently launched a High Court challenge against the autonomy of Churches.

Christian citizens can literally change the destiny of South Africa by interceding for the nation and be the answer to their prayers by voting Godly men and women into positions of power. 

The ANC/EFF require a two-thirds majority to destroy the economy. The voters can ensure they fall well short of this goal. Christian citizens must utilise its networks to warn others.

I travel to Bloemfontein today for a two-day series of Pastors & Leaders Briefings. Impacting government with righteousness and truth is the main topic of discussion. My extensive travels around the country are focussed primarily on informing Christian citizens that prayer, unity and strategic faith-in-action will transform South Africa for the better.

Make a decision today to vote your Biblical values in 2019. Please also intercede for South Africa. The unity of believers has never been more critical in our nation’s history.

Written by: Errol Naidoo
Feature image: Louiesenhof Wines has been invaded in Stellenbosch
Article source: Family Policy Institute


  1. During the Anglo Boer war, my Grandfather went to war. My Grandmother my Father and his siblings were thrown into a concentration camp after the Brits had burnt down the farm. When my Grandfather came back to his farm Boshoek in Heidelberg, he found it occupied by a Dutch born immigrant a Mr Sieling. The Brits destroyed all the records so my Grandfather could produce no proof that this farm had been in the Strydoms possession for hundreds of years. As he had to provide accommodation for his family and stayed on the farm as a tenant. Mr Sieling refused to vacate my Grandfather’s farm. Whatever farms the family got after the war, they had to buy and start from scratch. Mr Peter Hammond in his book on South African History said that this happened to 30000 farmers. Now a 100 years later its the same story. The landgrab must never be allowed to take place because its a lie that the land was stolen. Families have taken forever to recover from the war must now lose their land because they stole. This is criminal, a total lie and must be stopped.


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