Father Cosmas Omboto, 33, Kenyan priest who was shot and killed on November 21 at a church in Kembong, Southwest region of Cameroon by Cameroonian soldiers, has been described as a martyr by Bishop John Mairura, at Omboto’s funeral at the Nyabururu Mission graveyard in Kisii on Thursday, 6 December. “He died while preaching the gospel. He was a soldier in the faith. The church looks forward to meeting him again when the roll call is called up yonder,” Bishop Mairura said.

Omboto was described by Deputy Governor Maangi, to have emerged from a life overshadowed by poverty and simplicity to become a man fired by the missionary spirit and ready to die for his faith. 

Omboto, following Christ’s example, committed his life in bringing spiritual healing and salvation to a vulnerable people overwhelmed by conflict and discrimination, Bishop Mairura said, describing the killing of the priest as “callous and sad” and pleaded with the international community to raise its voice against the violence against the Church in the Western African country.

The killing of the Catholic Priest was also described by Vicar General Jeremiah Nyakundi as the “gospel seed that will germinate to illuminate.” Nyakundi also added that the killing of Priests and Pastors are acts of atrocity that will only strengthen the resolve of the church to evangelise. “We bury him today but his missionary spirit will forever live to inspire others as the Church moves to ensure the world is reached with the word of God,” Nyakundi said

The Kenyan government was charged to do all it can to ensure the security of Kenyan priests working in the diaspora by Bomachoge, a Member of Parliament, Alfa Miruka. “It should be the primary responsibility of the government to ensure all its citizens on foreign fields are secure,” he said, promising to submit a bill on the welfare of citizens abroad.

Date published: 21/12/2018
Written by: Hassan John
Feature image: Members of the clergy during the burial of Father Cosmas Omboto, who was shot dead in Cameroon, at Nyabururu Parish in Kisii County on December 6, 2018. (Benson Momanyi | Nation Media Group)
Article source: globalchristiannews.org


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