The statements made by Julius Malema, with reference to Jesus, at the EFF birthday celebration, over the weekend, cannot go unchallenged. Malema made the following comments, “The EFF is the second coming of Jesus, marking the end of the ANC.” He further went on to say, “Say goodbye ANC, Jesus has arrived five years ago – that Jesus is the EFF. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­

These statements are blasphemous and insulting to Christians. Malema has no respect for our Saviour, Christ Jesus, as he continues to use His name in vain, as he did over our Passover/Easter period. One wonders whether this is done because Christians are tolerant and in the main, non-violent. Though this be the case, our meekness must never be interpreted as weakness.  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­

The EFF can never, and will never, be Jesus. Malema is obviously clueless as to who Christ Jesus is, and what our Messiah represents. Jesus represents peace, while the EFF is disruptive, pushing our nation towards anarchy. Jesus is a reconciler, calling for us to be ministers of reconciliation, while the bunch that Malema leads calls for retribution, which polarizes our people. Jesus came for the whosoever of all people groups, while Malema is on record for his disparaging and threatening remarks to members of the White and Indian communities, in particular.  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­

It is therefore obvious, that the EFF is not our Christ, in fact they are the “anti”, the opposite of who Jesus is. Malema owes Christians an apology. If he does not apologize, and I suspect he won’t, then I call on all Christians to punish the him and the EFF at the polls.

Written by: Wayne Thring, ACDP Deputy President


  1. Let’s go further than simply condemning Malema and the EFF. Let’s use this opportunity to introduce him/them to the true Jesus. Jesus must not be ‘used’ by anyone for political propaganda, for or against any Party. I encourage JOY magazine, ACDP and all believers to reach out to him/them in love. Please send me his/their email address to

  2. God is in control what ever our emotions tell us. As christinans although we dispare at what goes on in our country & around the world, Mr Maleme will face his maker one day and that day will not be determined by My Malema but the Lord.

  3. Godslasterlik,om die minste te se.. Here,kan ons vra om hom dit dalk te vergewe..Aangesien hy geen benul het waarvan hy praat nie..Behalwe as hy die Heilige Gees sou belaster,waarvoor daar, volgens die Bybel geen vergifnis kan wees nie… Here,kan ons vra,red sy siel ? en verander sy siening ,’n moontlike Damaskus ondervinding…
    HERE,God Almagtig,wees ons Land genadig in die GROTE NAAM VAN JESUS, ons CHRISTUS..Amen…

  4. Lord, forgive them..for they do not know what they are doing,,These were the words of our Lord Jesus, on the cross..
    Lord, can You open the eyes of those who are BLIND to Your Love for sinners..?.If they Repent..before You,our only JESUS the CHRIST…
    Heal our Land Dear Lord, and forgive our sins, in the Name above all Names !! Amen..

  5. Malema has not respect for our Lord and Saviour, and his openly public comments about Jesus Christ are unacceptable. We as Christians must call a meeting with Malema and make him apologize in the public for these insanely comments.It is time that we stand up for our Lord!

  6. Greetings to all.

    As many of you may know I am a foreigner living among you all, married to a South African lady. I cannot vote, but I am definitely not going anywhere either. I see South Africa as my home and I will do all I can to help out too.

    You will soon see who is walking with Jesus Christ and or not in this land. This does not just include the likes of Mr. Malema when it comes to the answer, but also the members of the Supreme Court and Government and many others and it will all be revealed as the ‘tampered’ Constitution regarding appropriating land without compensation or not start to unfold.

    Why do I say this?

    All public figures are sworn into their respective offices with the words at the end of their oaths ‘So Help Me God’. The Constitution is for all the peoples regardless of colour and position in society. Put in place thereto, to protect all the peoples of South Africa. It was put together by those that swore an Oath in the name of God. Therefore if it is changed not only are the Ministers and other officials behind it, but they are Anti-Christ too. The President and the Lord Justice and whomever else allows unconstitutional things to take place, period!

    As this happens, if it does, then and only then you will clearly know that the agenda is Anti Christian. Then you will have to make the stand, not just in your Spiritual sense but also in a Physical sense as well.

    Continue to keep the faith as if your very flesh depends upon it. Continue to keep the faith as if your very soul and salvation depends upon it too.

    May God bless each and every one of you that calls upon His, Gods name.

    May God have mercy upon all those that fly and spit in His, Gods face. Brimstone burns; be warned for God and His wrath is Mighty. Amen!

    Love and blessings to all from Piperjames.
    A grateful man being able to live in (for now) a beautiful country and among beautiful people too.

  7. A little perspective please. Jacob Zuma, ex-president of the ANC, said “The ANC will rule until Jesus comes”. Therefore Malema said “The EFF is Jesus”, Malema’s just taking Zuma at his word.


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