In a now-viral video segment from their Sunday Special interview, evangelical Pastor John MacArthur and acclaimed conservative political commentator discussed the key, non-negotiable issues that separate Judaism from Christianity.

This installment of the Ben Shapiro Show was set to address “the very most important things in the world: theology, philosophy, politics — all the things that grip your heart,” MacArthur said in a teaser video released by The Daily Wire.

Shapiro shared with MacArthur that his office had experienced greater anticipation from their viewers for this particular episode “than we have had for virtually any other guest.”

In the interview, MacArthur proceeded to tell Shapiro, who is devoutly Jewish, about his “calling” and “mandate” to “preach the gospel to the ends of the earth.” 

While the hour-long interview touched on several other issues, Shapiro shared the video segment below to his Facebook page, stoking an incredible, and surprisingly civil, discussion on the differences between Judaism and Christianity.

Date published: 22/12/2018
Written by: Alyssa Duvall
Article source:


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