Professor Jerry Gana has joined the presidential race by picking the formal expression of interest form to seek nomination to run in the February 2019 general election.

Prof Gana, 72, has held several cabinet positions as Minister of Information, Minister of Integration and Cooperation in Africa as well Minister of Information and Communication. 

He said on Thursday at the national secretariat of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), that there was a real danger of Nigeria imploding unless the party intervened with “God-fearing, dynamic, untainted and credible leadership.”

“Every patriotic Nigerian, everyone with a sense of compassion and love for people will know that Nigeria needs to be rescued because “the nation is going through difficult times,” Gana said.

Given the 40 odd years of his involvement in politics in Nigeria, Gana believes he has what it takes to keep the country from sliding further. 

The level of insecurity in the country is unprecedented. Some have alleged ethnic and religious cleansing as Fulani herdsmen attack vulnerable populations in unbridled terror acts.

Gana is viewed as a man of integrity across the ethnic and religious divide. Many Nigerians are looking forward to casting their votes in the February general elections. While Christians across denominational lines are praying, there is growing awareness in the populace of the need to register to vote.

One gentleman in particular, Oluwasegun Adeniyi-James, has been encouraging people to go a step farther by becoming registered card-carrying members of political parties. 

“It is good to get the PVC. Just being able to vote may not be enough to effect the change we all desire.

“Real change happens when you are in a position to determine who gets thrown up as a candidate,” Adeniyi-James said.

Written by: Abigail Ohiero
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