Behind every person you meet is an untold story only known to God.  Every individual is fighting for something that drives their life.  Regardless of the diversity among nations, God is on a mission of winning back His children. 

He sees every detail of each person’s life and He is relentlessly and unconditionally pursuing each one of them.  Below is a remarkable testimony from a Pastor who’s passionately in love with Jesus, and what happened when some Jehovah’s Witnesses tried to convert him. 

Pastor Francis Chan, a pastor in San Francisco, shared his story about Jehovah’s witnesses who were trying to change him.  Feeling excited about what God would do in that rare encounter with them, he welcomed them warmly. 

They started sharing some things about how God doesn’t listen to everyone’s prayers. Without hesitation, Chan agreed to the idea and even cited verses from the Bible to back up what they just said. That’s when the tables turned and Chan took the opportunity to share to them the truth about God’s Word. Instead of the Jehovah’s Witnesses trying to convert him, the tables turned and he proudly testified the great things God did in his life while they listened!

They couldn’t believe him! What he said was spot-on, and at the same time hilarious!

Feature image: Pastor Francis Chan
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