Wang Yi, the pastor of Early Rain Covenant Church in China, urged President Xi Jinping to repent of his sins in a sermon given not long before Yi was imprisoned for his bold, unabashed faith in God.

According to Faithwire, Yi, as well as his wife and more than 150 members of their church—including children—were detained by authorities in early December during a series of raids carried out on several gospel-proclaiming churches across the country.

“When we are not being persecuted, we spread the gospel. And when persecution comes, we continue spreading the gospel,” pastor Yi declared in the edifying sermon.

For Yi, preaching the message of repentance and faith shouldn’t be limited to fellow civilians; our leaders and elected officials need the gospel too: “If we are talking about a President, we declare he is a sinner. And if we are talking about a general secretary, we still declare that he is a sinner. We believe that we have the responsibility to tell Xi Jinping that he is a sinner.” 

“The government he is leading has sinned greatly against God,” Yi continued, reminiscent of ancient prophets like Jeremiah, “for it is persecution the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and if he does not repent, he will perish!”

In spite of his crimes against the Christians under his leadership, Xi Jinping, just like any other man, still has a “way of escape” available to him, Yi continued, “and that is the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

“The Rev. Hong Yujie, a longtime friend of Wang based in Vancouver, described Wang as ‘the bravest pastor in China today,’ and with remarks like this, you can certainly see why,” Faithwire reported. “Under Jinping, China has become one of the most hostile environments on earth for followers of Jesus.”

Jinping, who abolished presidential term limits in 2018, has made the People’s Republic of China an increasingly draconian and threatening environment for zealous believers of any faith, especially Christians. 

In attempts to “transform believers in religion into believers in the party,” Jinping’s administration has arrested thousands of people, shut down many churches, extended its already strict rules on religious observance to include private in-home worship, forcing citizens to remove crosses and images of Jesus and replace them with images of President Jinping, according to the South China Morning Post.

Date published: 14/01/2019
Written by: Alyssa Duvall
Feature image: President Xi Jinping, AFP
Article source:


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