A senior Israeli source commented that 15 kilograms of radioactive material has been transferred from the alleged secret nuclear warehouse Netanyahu revealed at the UN.

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed at the UN on Thursday an Iranian site he maintains was used to store nuclear materials, the Iranian regime is reportedly racing to conceal the materials and any evidence that the site ever existed. 

According to a report in Times of Israel, a senior Israeli source claimed the Iranian regime is currently attempting to cover up the site, commenting that the Tehran is currently attempting to disperse the 15 kilograms of radioactive material to which Netanyahu referred in his UN speech. 

The material was reportedly removed from the site at the beginning of August.

On Friday, Netanyahu elaborated on his UN revelations in statements to reporters, demanding that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) take action against a regime he says “deceiv[es] and cheat[s] the international community.” According to Netanyahu, “the Iranian plan” involves lying in wait for a “a crisis somewhere or other” to emerge, after which it will “break out … a nuclear arsenal.” 

Whether or not the materials in the warehouse violate the terms of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal remains unknown, however, the senior official quoted by the Times commented, “We know there’s radioactive material there. They distributed that radioactive material all around Tehran. Those 15 kilograms are a fact. Why did they go around dispersing it? What happened? [The IAEA] need[s] to check.”

Date published: 02/10/2018
Written by: World Israel News Staff
Article source: worldisraelnews.com


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