In an editorial for Charisma Magazine, author Stephen Strang boldly declared that Trump has honored evangelical Christians in America more than any previous president. “…Trump has turned out to be quite a surprise,” Strang wrote. “He’s proved himself to be a champion of religious freedom, he seems to be very respectful of evangelicals, and he even seeks counsel from them.”

“Evangelical leaders have said they have more access to him than to any president in recent history,” while Democratic candidates and presidents have, Strang says, typically shut themselves off from this religious demographic. “They tend to write them off. The Republicans, on the other hand, reach out to evangelicals during their campaign but, once elected, don’t talk to them or even honor their promises to them. But Trump has been very different in that regard. In short, the last few years have been a refreshing change.” 

This “largely untold story” was the motivation behind Strang’s latest book, Trump Aftershock. “My heart in writing the book is to highlight what God has done through Trump since he was elected,” Strang concluded. “Just think of how Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, negotiated with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and most recently, freed American pastor Andrew Brunson, who was wrongfully imprisoned in Turkey for two years. These are the aftershocks of Trump’s election and, by God’s grace, more are yet to come.” 

Date published: 19/10/2018
Written by: Alyssa Duvall
Article source:


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