Hundreds of General Motors employees gathered together in prayer after a mass layoff left some 15,000 people out of work. The extremely solemn prayer vigil was held out the front of General Motors in Lordstown, Ohio. The plant is among five GM factories across North America that are set to close this year.

Coworkers could be seen comforting each other as they prayed and cried together following the heartbreaking news.

“Everyone just wants to keep working right now and get through this,” one employee Norman Perry, told WOIO-TV. “Christmas is coming, they want to enjoy Christmas.”

“This is a time where we should be lifted up. We’re just trying to lift spirits and that what all this [the vigil] is all about,” he added.

In a shock announcement Monday, GM stated that it would be ceasing to manufacture six of its low-selling passenger cars, which will mean thousands of jobs are set to be lost.

“Today, GM is continuing to take proactive steps to improve overall business performance including the reorganization of its global product development staffs, the realignment of its manufacturing capacity and a reduction of salaried workforce,” General Motors wrote in a statement on Nov. 26. 

CEO Mary Barra noted that the changes will give GM “the flexibility to invest in the future” and will “position our company for long-term success.”

In response, President Trump slammed GM and took personal issue with Barra for closing its plants. 

“The U.S. saved General Motors, and this is the THANKS we get!” he tweeted, adding that he will always endeavor to “protect American workers.”

Yesterday, Trump went on the offensive once again.

“General Motors is very counter to what other auto, and other, companies are doing,” he tweeted. “Big Steel is opening and renovating plants all over the country. Auto companies are pouring into the U.S., including BMW, which just announced a major new plant. The U.S.A. is booming!” 

Do pray for all those who will be losing their jobs, that they might have peace and hope for the future.

Date published: 03/01/2019
Written by: Will Maule
Article source:


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