Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew recently opened up about how Hollywood has increased her love and understanding of God.

Drew sat down with PureFlix’s Billy Hallowell over the weekend to discuss her new film Indivisible, which hits theaters on Friday.

Indivisible is a Christian military drama that tells the true story of army Chaplin Darren Turner and his wife Heather, as they struggle to keep their marriage together. When Turner returns from war angry and full of rage, Heather realizes that the man she sent off to war was not the same man who came home. Indivisible follows the couple’s journey of faith, family, and friendship as they work to rely on God to keep their family together.

Drew, who is an executive producer on the film told Hallowell in a Pure Talk interview that she loved the Turners story because their marriage struggle was something that really resonated with her. She said, “I really resonated with the story. I love that it was a true story, but I also, I really resonated with the marriage aspect.” 

Drew continued, “In my life, in my marriage, we went through a pretty dark time. Several years into our marriage we had to go through counseling and really had to fight our way through the issues that had cropped up.”

She added, “We came out the other side just a much more brilliant light.” ew went on to recall a time when she felt hopeless in her marriage, so she reached out to her father. She said, “I remember this one conversation I had with my Dad at like my darkest moment where he was like, ‘Just because it feels hopeless, doesn’t mean that it is hopeless.’” Drew said this comment would get her through some of the darkest times in her marriage, and she believes this is a message that Indivisible tries to portray too.

The Emmy nominated director said, she wanted to be a part of a film that would spread joy and hope, and this film, she believes, fit that bill. 

Drew notes a moment in the film when her character, Heather Turner, is sitting on her bed and crying out to God asking him for help to learn how to lean on Him instead of her husband in her seasons of struggle. Drew said this moment in the film taught her that you can’t get your stability and meaning from another person, but instead you need to be filled up by something other than a “faulty human person.”

Hallowell goes on to ask Drew about the greatest lesson that she has learned since working in Hollywood. Drew, who noted that she started out in the industry at 18, said she learned that though she thought she had a lot to teach people, it was really her who had a lot to learn. 

“There are lessons everywhere,” the actress said.

“Everybody has something to teach me. I’m learning all the time… and it has increased my love for people and it has increased my love for God and my understanding, it has expanded my understanding of God.”

Indivisible comes out in theaters across the country on October 26.

Video courtesy: PureFlix

Date published: 7/11/2018
Written by: Kayla Koslosky
Feature image: Getty Images/Valerie Macon/Stringer
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