Ex-Muslim Ramin Parsa fled the Middle East for the United States, hoping for a safe haven where he could share the gospel of Christ. 

Though the U.S. Constitution protects religious freedom, Parsa was arrested at the Mall of America for sharing his testimony with two women.

“I came to the U.S. as a political and religious—as a Christian—refugee. They oppressed me for my faith in Iran. I was stabbed in Iran,” Parsa tells PJ Media.

Parsa, the author of Ashes to Glory, was also on the Aeromexico plane that crashed on July 31. 

His video went viral—as did his prayer as he called on the name of the Lord. All the passengers and crew survived the crash.

“We were praying when we got away from the wing. Children were crying. People were burned, their hands and their feet,” Parsa told NBC News after the crash. “It’s a miracle we are alive.” 

Parsa has had to fight for his life many times.
“I was born into a very large Shiite Muslim family shortly after the Iranian Revolution. My family was greatly impacted by the revolution: One of my brothers was killed, and most of our family’s possessions were taken,” Parsa shares on his blog. “Like any other child in Iran at that time, I was raised learning Islamic laws and made to practice strict religious traditions. Perhaps because of my family’s history and notoriety, I was tortured multiple times under suspicion of violating these strict religious laws and traditions.”

After encountering the Lord, he now leads Redemptive Love Ministries International.

You can hear more of his story in the video.

Feature image: Ramin Parsa
Article source: www.charismanews.com


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