Greg Laurie’s Harvest Church hosted an enormous baptism event, where more than 550 people publicly dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ.

Stunning drone footage taken shows hundreds of individuals spread along the shores of Pirate’s Cove Beach in California.

“We had an amazing day at our Baptism at Pirate’s Cove Beach today,” Laurie posted to Facebook. 

“A lot of people showed up and many were baptized. I also heard some amazing stories of lives transformed by Jesus Christ.”

“We need the faith of the Christians of the first century, the faith that turned the world upside down,” Laurie tweeted. “Revival is nothing more or less than a new obedience to God.” 

The “Jesus Revolution” author went on to discuss the need for simple but active evangelism in a modern culture that often ignores or over-complicates religion. 

“I think we overly ‘mystify’ the idea of Revival,” he wrote. “Don’t wait for the ‘feeling’, just take practical steps. Do ‘Revival- like’ things! we baptized 550 people, like in the ‘old days’ of the Jesus Revolution.”

Written by: Carly Hoilman
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