Do you think the state is a better parent than you?

Do you believe the state knows better how to raise your children, including how to discipline them?

Do you believe the state should criminalise you, because you raise your children according to your moral and religious beliefs? 

Watch the video of advocate Nadene Badenhorst of Freedom of Religion South Africa (FOR SA) explaining the latest on this legislation.

Do your share by voicing your concern to government before November 29th by making a short submission to government. Details are available on FOR SA’s website

If Christians keep silent, this will become legislation. Do your part and stand up for families and your religious beliefs.

Date published: 15/11/2018
Written by: Nadene Badenhorst
Article source:


  1. When i was younger MY children
    were MY responsibility. One of those responsibilities was to disciplin them when necessary. Only a parent knows when and how to correct them. It has nothing to do with a government body.


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