The Bible in a Nutshell – Old Testament, has just been released in South Africa and is the perfect gift to help you and your loved ones in your walk with Christ, and understanding of the Word of God. It is on sale nationwide in Checkers, Clicks, Spar, Pick n Pay, CNA, PNA, Cum Books, and other leading retailers for only R129!

Have you ever read the Bible as a whole? Do you understand each book of the Bible, as well as where they fit into the storyline of our faith? Do you know the significance of each character, each prophecy, and each moment recorded in Biblical history? Surprisingly, few Christians can articulate the central themes and overall message of each book of the Bible.

This luxury book is a compilation of the first 39 books of the Bible – The Old Testament – summarised, explained, and beautifully illustrated, guaranteed to equip you with the knowledge and understanding of the foundation our faith, the Word of God.

Great gift for:
• Pastors
• Friends
• Bible Studies
• Cell Groups
• Teachers
…and many more!

Visit for more information about the publication.

Date published: 30/11/2018
Written By: Gillian Fraser
Article Source: JOY News


  1. I live in Switzerland and am wondering how i could get a copy of The Bible in a Nutshell.
    Perhaps you could let me know where i could order it from.
    Thank you,
    Merle Scherrer


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