Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng’s wish for the Church in South Africa is for it to repent and to speak out with one voice against wrongdoing in its midst.

Speaking after the launch of the first ever Judicial Accountability Session in SA, Mogoeng said he believed the Church has become “lukewarm at best”, if not “very cold”. in that it allowed the commercialisation of faith, which paved the way for possible external interference in church governance.

United stand
He urged church leaders to take a strong, united stand against false prophets in order to deliver the Church from those who seek to regulate her, and to play a vital role in helping SA and the nations of Africa to realise their divine destinies.

“The church, barring exceptions, has focussed more on self. People boast about the size of their congregations; the important people — so-called, — who are members; how much offerings and tithes are received; how many powerful vehicles gather at their services; how many of the congregants have private jets.

“There is a focus on money, on materialism with a result that holiness is no longer preached; love is no longer preached. There is a disgraceful amount of self-centeredness and greed that has been left to flourish by the Church of God. So my wish is for the Church to go back to the fundamentals,” said Mogoeng. 

Early church
He pointed to the success of the very early church being built on the principle of making disciples of men based on the Gospel. He drew from Scripture on how Jesus dealt with commercialisation in God’s house and said Christians had to speak up for what is right.

He listed practices that he believes are corrupting the Gospel: “Selling holy water — whether it’s holy or not, I don’t know. Selling vaselines with the pictures of people, selling all sorts of elements and instruments — saying that they have power.

“These days, where prayer is sold, you can buy prayer for half a million. There is prayer for seven thousand, there if prayer for five hundred. That’s absolute corruption of the Gospel. We’ve got to be so sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God that we pray individually and corporately for God to expose, uproot, and destroy those End-Times false prophets — the antiChrist masquerading as disciples of Christ.” 

In SA, a number of churches have made headlines for reportedly feeding congregants anything from snakes to insecticide.

The impassioned chief justice spoke out vehemently against those who “feed people with snakes and rats and ants and petrol and diesel, just to be seen to be relevant, just to be seen to be different, just to be seen to be gathering huge crowds just because of the melodramatic approach to matters spiritual.”

He called on the body of Christ to not shy away from condemning such practices and to become united in the process.

“We’ve got to be so sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God that we pray individually and corporately for God to expose, uproot, and destroy those End-Times false prophets — the Antichrist masquerading as disciples of Christ.”

According to Mogoeng, the Church has only itself to blame for being pursued. 

“I think if the Church of God can be proactive in ensuring that the right thing happens and speak out against wrongdoing, then those who are inclined to clip the wings of the Church of God would retreat because then we would be united and they would know, since the majority of the citizens of this country are Christians, that if you touch them united as they are, you might not get the vote that you want if you regulate them in a manner that does not accord with their preference as inspired by the Spirit of God,” he said.

“We need to pray urgently for love to set in, caring to set in, holiness to set in, and obedience to the commandments of God to set in. That way we will be able to become that critical force that is needed, especially now, in South Africa and Africa to have the dream, the vision of God about these nations to come to pass.”

Date published: 02/12/2018
Written by: Christelle du Toit
Feature image: Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng
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    • There is a great difference between miracles and lying signs and wonders which the Bible foretold would be prevalent in the last days, performed by false prophets. Just because it is supernatural does not mean it was done by the true and Living God Almighty. Always check the source of the power.

  1. People like you give me hope for the future. Thank you for not making your faith subservient to anything else. God bless you, Sir!

  2. I totally agree with Chief Justice Mogoeng. The church is becoming irrelevant due to its serving of Mammon and not serving people. The sheep are without God fearing shepherds – they have become arrogant and self-indulgent.
    The true body of Christ must arise from among the lovers of self, money, prestige, boastful, deceivers, perverting the truth for the lie. Only true repentance and seeking a life of sacrifice and holiness will save the “church” as it is at present in South Africa. May God have mercy on us.

  3. I so agree with you sir. The question has to be asked. Have the Christians in this country let South Africa down? Daily we read people say they will pray for a miracle, but an opportunity to create a tsunami for change is in our grasp right now. The ACDP has been seen to be irrelevant in many ways, not visible enough and seems to be happy with the party’s current status quo. If we as Christians for once can stand together and vote for a party such as the ACDP in the next election, it could be the start of a great movement in the right direction to get our country back on being governed by Godly principles, being obedient to God’s word and a Biblical value system. We can truly create a tsunami of change. Unfortunately saying we must keep politics out of the church in fact in my humble opinion allows for corruption to be perpetuated. If every leader in every church can encourage their congregation to help getting this country back to Godly principles and vote for a movement who could take us there, change will come. It is not about the party but creating a movement of change and if the way to get there is the ACDP then let us as Christians grab this opportunity with both hands.

  4. Thank Chief Justice. Hope the Lord can fill you more with the spirit of boldness and addresses the challenges within the body of Christ. The spirit of truth only comes from the Lord.

  5. I agree with the judge. Holiness and Godliness is no longer preached in most churches, all they preach about is prosperity . Jesus Christ left us with the great commission to preach the Word of God and teach poeple not to commercialize the Church selling items to protect induviduals. We are now living in end times false prophets are making money with the children of God.

  6. Chief Justice MM makes so much sense here. This article reminds me of a video snippet doing the rounds some time ago in social media where he was ministering on a very delegate topic of ‘What is a good leader?’ The CJ here is emphasisng two very important fibers, being the foundation of any church believing in Jesus Christ as Savioir of mankind which the church has completely lost. Prayer and being led by the Holy Spirit. The current church is guilty of what James 2: 1 – 6 is speaking about. There remain no difference in the attitude of the current church and that during the apartheid era. The church has missed out what Jesus emphasizes to wait in Jerusalem in prayer to receive power from the Holy Spirit of which power will enable the church to be witnesses starting from inner circle then the entire world. I’m not against any all inclusive Christian political party but when will the salt give flavor and the light shine to those needing it more? When will Christian’s be so organized to SPREAD OUT with intention to aflame and influence every corner then coming to the same church, by the same people, preaching to the same people. What happen to the Last Commission of Christ?Therefore, if we don’t pray regularly and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us what we need to do and what role to play as the body of Christ, we will take emotional decisions when a law is passed conflicting our Christian believes as happened couple times ago. Did’nt Jesus said when He come the Holy Spirit He will implement John 16:13? We have become reactionary by forgetting that our fight is not against flesh and blood including other politically parties of non associations but against what Ephesians 6:13 literally proclaim. If we can first start by going into a prayer battle as Jacob conquers did and called South Africa Peniel ( Genesis 32:24 – 30) The secret here is in verse 24, Jacob was left alone and he battled – pray in his closet until he was in control of the situation though his hip was affected. Battling it out in prayer untill you loose something)
    In closing, there are two incidents that I experienced with my own understanding when South Africa implemented 2 Chronicals 7:14. The first one was during the CODESA negotiations when the AWB trucked into the Trade Centre and threatened to put poised in the Soweto water reservoir and cause amok and havoc to avoid a peace negotiation between the liberation parties and the NP then. The second one was I think in 1996 when Bafana Bafana during a semi finals playing in the African Cup of Nations at FNB stadium against Zambia, the favourate of the tournament. In the first incident, I remember we were coming from attending class during my student years living in Hillbrow then. The always busy streets down town, up to Hillbrow were so quite and churches were full to capacity which Regina Mundi church in Soweto packed to capacity and attracting international media houses after a plea for prayer for SA for a peace settlement and negotiations. Politicians turned to churches and every praying South African to pray, on that Tuesday night. SA got positive results with majority of SA (white and black) citizens agreeing to participate in prayer and peace settlement. Prayer ensured a peaceful results until the peaceful first non racial and democratic elections in 1994. In 1996, SA being the hosting nation looked like David against Goliath that cold Thursday night at FNB stadium. The stadium was cold with no singing at all in the beginning. Some aunties behind us chats of worry was sound and clear, iaaaaa, Doctor Khumalo, may God help you and Bafana today. Make us proud boys. And then there was a silence of about 10 minutes after some sporadic singing here and there of shosholoza. Suddenly in the West side of the stadium a group started to sing, ‘Tshotle di estwang ke wena, Modimo re tholka wena (God we need Thee) The entire stadium joined in and this became like a mass choir more interested in singing this song than to watch soccer because Bafana was already at the loosing end when seeing those big tights and fast runnings of the Zambian players against us during both teams warming up practice before the play. Let me tel you, that within 3 minutes of play Shoes Moshoeue scored the first goal and before half time if not mistaken, the score was 3 – 0 with Bafana leading. Second half saw I think another goal or two with Zambia ending with a consolation with one goal. Bafana qualified that night for the finals and Mark Williams through these prayers from Thursday night saw Bafana lifting the AFCON cup for the first time in history and qualifying for the first time to participate in the Soccer World Cup after defeating Tunisia. Where did we loose this fibre?


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