The NSPCA has laid charges against four mohair farmers following a recent exposé by the animal rights group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who uncovered brutal abuse on farms in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape of South Africa. 

Footage revealed goats being dragged by their horns and legs, a man can be seen kneeling on a goat’s neck, goats being lifted by their tails and thrown across the floor. Shearers can be seen inflicting wounds on the goats and crudely stitching up the wounds on the shearing floor, without providing any pain relief or anaesthesia. 

The footage also shows a goat being slaughtered by a man who saws into the animal’s neck with a short knife without pre-stunning it and then proceeded to begin dressing the animal before it had bled out.

The graphic footage that we received was shocking. The agony and distress that these animals endured was both horrendous and unacceptable. The NSPCA will relentlessly pursue justice for the animals that have suffered so tremendously. 

The NSPCA is opposed to farming practices which cause suffering or distress to animals and will continue to inspect these farms and intervene when necessary.

Article source: NSPCA


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