South Africa is entering a decisive phase of its fledgling democracy. The strength and extent of constitutional rights like free speech and religious freedoms are being severely tested.

There appears to be a well coordinated attack against the Biblical ideals of the sanctity of life, the natural family, parental authority, conscience and belief and religious freedoms.

Advocate Reg Willis argued for the autonomy of the family and the rights of parents to make decisions regarding the discipline of their own children at the Constitutional Court recently.

The Home Affairs Portfolio Committee adopted the Civil Unions Amendment Bill in Parliament last week that will compel state marriage officers to solemnise same-sex “marriage” regardless of their religious beliefs and convictions. The Amendment was tabled by COPE MP, Deidre Carter.  

The state has therefore declared sexual preference a more fundamental human right than religious beliefs and conscience. This signals a radical reversal of the original policy.

The CRL Commission now supported by the Commission for Gender Equality and the Department of Women have set their sights on not only regulating the Christian Church but also stripping it of its autonomy to make decisions concerning Biblical beliefs and doctrine.

The Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Bill – presumably held back until after the General Elections in 2019 will effectively criminalise the Bible’s condemnation of sexual sin.

The ANC has declared its support for decriminalised prostitution despite the warnings contained in the South African Law Reform Commission’s Report on Adult Prostitution. 

The Constitutional Court declared private cannabis/dagga possession and use a constitutional right – despite overwhelming evidence of psychological and physical harm

It is no coincidence that all these so-called “ human rights” and “freedoms” are actively advanced and financially backed by US billionaire, George Soros “Open Society Foundation.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa met with George Soros recently in New York. Soros has billions of dollars to invest in South Africa. But his investments come with deadly strings attached.

The United Nations (UN) influences a lot of the legislation formulated in South Africa. In fact, South Africa is governed by remote control from the UN in many instances.  

George Soros pumps billions of dollars into the UN to advance his wicked anti-life and anti-family agenda. South Africa is his current focus because of the access and influence it provides in the continent of Africa – for the advance of the radical abortion and sexual rights agenda.

The Bible believing Christian Church must be aware of this threat to its beliefs, autonomy and value system. If the Church sleeps Soros wins. Pray, Stand and Act for South Africa.

Date published: 04/12/2018
Written by: Errol Naidoo 
Feature image: George Soros
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  1. This is a very, very sad day.

    South Africa is simply not capable of policing and handling so many radical changes. The changes in the country over the last few years have proven it. I think they (South Africa) are just trying to “fit in” and I also think that the majority still believe in old morals and ethics but cannot speak up for fear of being labeled.

    Christians need to be very strong and all who they meet must be made to understand exactly how they feel. Do it just once and the second time becomes easier.

  2. Why is it, in SA in particular, that when the LGBT community seeks to avail themselves of rights they already have under our Bill of Rights, it is seen as an attack on the church / bible? Help me out with this one…

    • Let me help you with the use of a quote from St Thomas More in defence of his trail for alleged treason: “Some men say the earth is flat.
      Some men say the earth is round.
      But if it is flat. Could Parliament make it round?
      And if it round. Could the kings command flatten it?” In the above quote St Thomas More in his own defence questioned the authority of King Henry VIII to make himself the head of the Catholic Church in England. The essence of Thomas More’s defense is that no parliament or the King can decide what Truth is in the natural order of things.

      Thus, no act of parliament can define what a marriage is and what it is not and which parties consent constitute a covenental sacramental marriage. A marriage is between a man and a woman and is an institution that is part of the created order of God, the author of all things living and  natural law and the order of life. The universal understanding and practice of marriage is thus an immutable natural law. Any act of parliament that deviate from common sense and the natural order and natural law is an illusion that suggests that an ideology is in tune with the universe! Our inalienable rights comes from God and cannot be taken away or given away which is what legal abortion does. Our inalienable rights is not a recent political invention, but pre exist the state! As a matter of fact, this description is a Christian concept that is rooted in Sacred Scripture that promotes the common good of all peoples as expressed in the ten commandments.


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