Australia’s new prime minister, Scott Morrison, isn’t following politically correct talking points on gender.

Morrison, an evangelical Christian, ridiculed reports that the opposition Labor party wants to add a “non-binary” category to passports, which would give transgender people another option besides “male” and “female.” Morrison is head of the Liberal Party.

“A Liberal National Government will never remove gender from birth certificates, licenses and passports – who are Labor kidding? Get real,” Morrison wrote in a Tweet.

“This is the problem with Labor, obsessed with nonsense like removing gender from birth certificates rather than lower electricity prices, reducing tax for hard-working families and small businesses,” Morrison added in a follow-up Tweet.  

The Daily Mail reported that Labor’s draft national platform includes a commitment to reviewing “documentation requirements” and giving people a choice “beyond binary male/female” on passports. Labor politicians in Tasmania want to do the same with drivers licenses, the newspaper reported.

“It shows Labor believes government is for everyone, not just the 95 per cent who are male or female,” transgender activist Norrie May-Welby told The Daily Mail about the Labor proposal.  

A spokesman for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the draft platform protects all people.

“The platform talks about making sure all Australians are treated equally,” the spokesman said.

Date published: 4/11/2018
Written by: Michael Foust
Feature image: Getty Images/Ryan Pierse/Staff
Article source:



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