The annual Miss Universe pageant is one that truly never gets old. Worldwide, spectators follow the competition to see who will graduate from representing their country to representing the world.

Last year at the end of November, fans watched as Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, was crowned Miss Universe.

Fans watched as Miss Universe continued to grow into a role model for young women everywhere. Her fame grew even more so as Tim Tebow fans began to realize that the two public figures may be dating. 

Tebow, being a private man, eventually confirmed this after extended rumors of the perfect romance that fans clearly loved.

“She is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life,” Tebow said.

Growing more public with their relationship, it was also rumored that Tebow’s family was going to meet Nel-Peters’ family after dating for some time. This was also confirmed when Tebow’s parents decided to celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary by meeting Tebow’s girlfriend’s parents!

Recently, Nel-Peters, who met Tebow at his “Night to Shine” event that she attended because of her special needs sister, has grown into her own charity work and testament of faith. 

Evidently, as Nel-Peters has shared through her Instagram page, she is not only Miss Universe but is also a God-fearing woman.

She’s expressed her views and beliefs through little posts, such as recognizing the true meaning of Easter:

But more recently, she has gotten involved in the charity organization God’s Love We Deliver, which is a non-profit organization that cooks and delivers nutritious food to people with illnesses in the Manhattan, New York, area.

Even more recently, just a few days ago, as viewers watched her final walk as Miss Universe. As the final three contestants were asked the final question, Miss Philippines’ answer was the one that solidified her victory, according to USA Today.

As Nel-Peters gave her crown over to Catriona Gray, Nel-Peters was able to take her final walk and give her final comments regarding her experience as Miss Universe. 

“First, all glory goes to my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ,” Nel-Peters said.

This God-fearing woman, in front of the entire world, credited her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for her experience and victories. What a strong testament to God’s provision and grace. What better way to use that platform than to glorify God to all watching!

Date published: 01/01/2019
Written by: Erin Shortall 
Feature image: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters
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  1. Before the world to see, a true witness for the name above all names .Our Lord and Savior ,Jesus Christ.. may this young lady be blessed with His glory over her life..
    Be blessed in Jesus name… Amen !

  2. So basically a person can give credit to Jesus on stage, and post periodically about him once in a while on a holiday and they are considered a follower of Jesus? This girl posts more about her makeup and fashion than she does Jesus. This is exactly why people remain in the dark about the true gospel. We’ve given credit to people like this that worship a knock off Jesus. She never used her platform to make his name known. She used her platform for women’s equal pay and self defense. We have grown so desensitized and have branded Christianity to the point it has sucked the meaning and true reverence to our savior. Picking and choosing the parts that seem glamorous and ignoring the repentance part. She’s a closet liberal who believes in Inclusivity to transgenders in Miss Universe. You can’t be one foot in the world and one foot out. I mean she follows transgenders and also worldly artists on insta. She’s a sham and not a good representation of those of us out here really trying to sacrifice for His names sake. I’m all for loving people but let’s not make this girl the face of Christian women. It literally gets under my skin how easy we throw Jesus name out there so casually. If she’s a true follower she’d talk about Jesus more than she does her makeup routine. 🙄


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