ACDP says amending Sections 13 & 14 of the Firearms Control Act, which limits citizens from self-defence by restricting them from buying firearms, is not the answer to SA’s horrific crime stats. The ACDP:

  • Calls on government instead to crack down on all gun related crime.
  • Says gun licences already control ownership. 
  • Asserts it is illegal ownership that needs attention and self-defence is sacrosanct. 

A draft amendment bill to the firearms control act, which was leaked Wednesday 17th October 2018, intends to repeal Section 13 and 14, making self-defence no longer a valid reason for owning a firearm. 

The bill proposes a maximum of two (2) handguns for S16 (dedicated sports shooter), and a maximum of eight (8) firearms in total.

Gun owners will need a medical certificate for applications, which means a breach of the constitutional rights of citizens’ right to privacy, opening them up to discrimination. Ad rotate

All green licenses, which have been found by the courts to be valid for life, will have to move over to the white licensing system with additional restrictions.  It proposes the establishment of a ballistics database where experts say ballistic testing has proven to be ineffective.  

ACDP leader, Kenneth Meshoe, noting alarm by members of the public and the 2017/2018 crime statistics said that, “Whilst the ACDP appreciates government’s attempts to restrict firearms from being carried by irresponsible people, the right to self-defence is sacrosanct.

With 50 to 60 murders a day in our country, or 20 000 a year, this does not paint a picture of a civilized society in a time of peace, and is an extra reason not to restrict firearm licences. Licences already control ownership. Ad Rotate

The ACDP calls on government to tighten up security guarding SAPS confiscated firearms stockpiles, remove corruption and maladministration, provide more and better trained and equipped police personnel, install more police stations, forensic laboratories and courts and crack down on all gun related crime. 

The ACDP further calls on government to protect citizens’ right to self-defence when under attack from criminals.

Is it Biblical for Christians to arm ourselves for self-defence? Read more on the subject here.

Date published: 19/10/2018
Written by: ACDP President, Rev Kenneth Meshoe
Article Source: Supplied


  1. Self-defence or self-protection? Do crimminals and murderers obey Gun Control Laes??? The only real motive behind this is orgenised sate genocide of minority groups. Many communist regimes have done the same before and the patterns are always the same. “When injustice becomes Law, Rebellion becomes Duty.”


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