The ACDP notes and rejects the intention of the National Freedom Party (NFP) as expressed in a motion in the National Assembly on Tuesday August 21st, to call on Parliament to action downgrading the South African Embassy in Israel.

Our country has been successfully involved in a number of mediation efforts on the African continent mainly because parties involved in conflicts have accepted South Africa as an unbiased and credible mediator. 

If the House wants South Africa to retain the respect and image of an unbiased and credible party, then we must reject the NFP’s motion that attempts to coerce our country into taking sides in the Israel/Palestine conflict, which would be detrimental to our standing as credible mediators. The ACDP rejects this motion in its entirety. 

For South African citizens, a downgrade has the real possibility of leading to a loss of a visa free status in travel to Israel, which currently exists. Such an unfortunate decision would then necessitate that South African citizens travel to the nearest Israeli Embassy in Kenya to apply for a visa to enter Israel. 

A Staggering +- 44 million South Africans profess to be Christian and South African pilgrims account for the highest number of inbound visitors to Israel from the African continent.

This is an attempt to damage and alienate the unbreakable bond between South Africans of the Jewish and Christian faith with Israel. Any such attempt will fail.

For more information: Keeno Petersen, ACDP Media Liaison
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Written by: Rev. Kenneth Meshoe
Article Source: ACDP Media Statement


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