Steve Swart, ACDP MP, announced that the ACDP was unable to block the Civil Union Amendment Bill, which removes the exemption for conscientious objectors in Home Affairs Departments from having to conduct same-sex marriages. 

This opens up the possibility for future legislature that could prevent clergymen, rabbis, and imams from denying to marry same-sex couples, or risk losing their licenses. The bill was introduced by COPE and was supported by the ANC, EFF, and DA, to name a few parties. Swart has urged the public to prayerfully consider who they vote for in the upcoming elections.

Date published: 8/12/2018
Written by: Gillian Fraser
Source: JOY News


  1. I implore the government to comply with democracy that people have freedom of religion which precedes and implicates freedom of speech and freedom of conscience so that leaders can make decisions within their religious conviction.

  2. It is imperative that all religious leaders stand against the implementation of gay marriages. My suggestion is that anyone opting for a gay marriage must be officiated either by a Home Affairs officer or Magistrate an can thereafter enjoy the ceremony. Leaving marriages by clergy to officiate Biblical standards and not being forced by Legislators to go against their faith statements and Church or Community beliefs. If this is implemented and Biblical leaders do not stand up against it, then soon all Biblical rights will be attacked and altered according to the power at be. As a marriage officer i will not alter my Biblical standards and adhere to this blatant attack targeting my religious freedom. For soon after we will be forced to bow down to foreign gods. Human Rights is the buzz word today. What then regarding the rights of a marriage officer who decides or not to officiate any marriage, whether the persons are ready for a Covenant relationship before God or in the case gay marriages which is blatantly unacceptable according to God’s Biblical standards. Let the gays marry the gays under their own law but leave God and the Bible out of it. Furthermore, if the ACDP is going to fully run the race in the political arena under Biblical standards and not compromise in anyway then it must be highlighted as such. In order that God fearing observant believers whether they keep Torah or the Bible can have a political voice and platform to stand on and object to this blatant attack on Christianity and Torah observance. What is next that we all revert from our basic rights and convert to Islam. It most assuredly seems that this will be an open door in facilitating just that hidden agenda. Wake up time body of believers!!!!

    • Hi while I’m not a Muslim I’d like to point out that their Koran also does not condone gay marriages .

      Secondly it is not compulsory at this stage for ministers of the gospel to marry gay couples only Hone affairs officers .

      Thirdly the ACDP did oppose this bill being passed in parliament but was out voted by those who voted for it which was COPE who proposed the bill in the first place as well as the ANC , the DA and the EFF .

      So my conclusion on this matter is eliminate ungodly parties by not voting for them . We are the ones to blame because we vote for people who do things against our conscience and our religious rights . You have a say at the voting polls . Register to vote if you have not . Mobilize all you know to vote for the ACDP the only party who has a clear biblical conscience and stand up for the people of God . Let’s support them and rock the boats of all these cock sure politicians who ride rough shod over us and do as they please . Kenneth Meshesho ( a man of God ) can be our next president . Let’s do this ! We can ! If all the Christians stand together with the Jews and Muslims we can win this war against our moral right to choose God’s way in all things . Come on let’s do this thing . Thanks

    • Absolutely. Let’s stand behind the ACDP and encourage all to vote for them next elections so they can win more seats in parliament and be able to sway the votes when passing a bill into a law . We can do this . Christians unite behind the ACDP . Kenneth Meshshoe can be our next president .


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