The ACDP in the strongest terms condemn the racist comments made by EFF Leader Julius Malema against South African Jewish people.

Malema has reportedly been quoted saying that “There’s a group of white right-wingers who are being trained by Jews in Pretoria to be snipers”.

“Malema’s hateful comments are divisive and he should be taken to task for it. We have seen people being jailed for racial remarks, and we believe that he should not be treated any differently”, Meshoe said.

ACDP leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe says that Malema’s remarks on the South African Jewish people flies in the face of a democratic South Africa which is rich and diverse in ethnicity.

Written by: Rev. Kenneth Meshoe
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Article Source: ACDP Media Statement


  1. Mr Malema has yet to feel the wrath of God. To equate the EFF to Jesus, is blasphemy on the highest level – he and his organization should never ever taunt the Lord with regard to His people and Israel. Before it’s too late Mr Malema, you should go on your knees and repent over the garbage that you are spewing out of your mouth. Father God is a forgiving God, and He will forgive you should you sincerely ask for forgiveness.

    • Corrie, this is Clem – Thank you for your balanced comment. May our Lord soften Mr. Malema’s heart so that the many people that follow his leading will find that the way of Righteousness heals. May you and your family also be blessed; in Jesus’s name.

  2. Question what are we going to do about this. I know that we need to pray that Malema gets to know who Jesus is .
    Malema must be punished for what he is up to.

  3. Right on Kenneth Meshoe! If I, a ‘white’ South African were to make similar remarks about people of another colour (‘white’ is just one of the skin colours in S.A. you know) I would be prosecuted in a flash, and it’s time Malema was treated the same way.

  4. As far as the remarks by Julius Malema are concerned they must be taken in the context of who he is.He knows nothing about the Jewish people or their heritage and what they have been through.He therefore has no excuse for making any derogatory comments about them.They are the Lords chosen people and no one especially Mr.Malema can make those remarks.He definitely needs to be prosecuted for this as other people making such remarks have been.Let us not be selective in our prosecution.


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