“Something happened for that to happen.” This is the statement given by the man who was able to pull a 35-year old lady from her SUV that had submerged in 10 ft. deep water. She couldn’t get out of her car because she could not swim and the water was too muddy for her to see. Men who were at the accident tried to rescue her, but it was a struggle because they couldn’t even break the windows. One of the rescuers, Howard Absetz, was able to reach her hands and feel her grasp. Howard pulled her out of the car and they all dragged her out from drowning. 

When the car was towed from the water, they were shocked and wondered how Howard was able to pull her out when all the windows of the car were closed. Of course, it wouldn’t open and close by itself, right? How did this happen? It was truly a divine intervention from God that this woman was rescued from the near-death experience. She wasn’t the only one surprised by the fact that Howard got her out, but even the those who witnessed the accident were shocked. 

Indeed, our God is the God who saves! Watch full story in this video and witness how this lady was miraculously rescued!

Credit: NBC News

Article source: godtv.com


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