1. Pray for the safety and protection for South Africans, using Psalms 91
  2. Pray for elections that are free of fraud, corruption, and intimidation
  3. Pray for South Africa to turn and seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, according to Matthew 6:33 


  1. Pray for the Body of Christ to stand in its ecclesiastical mandate to facilitate legislative and cultural transformation in the nation, using Matthew 16:18-19
  2. Pray for the Body of Christ’s eyes to be opened to see the hope to which we are called, according to Ephesians 1:18
  3. Pray for Believers to share their faith and their values during the elections, according to Mark 16:15


  1. Pray for voters to seek wisdom from God, according to James 1:5
  2. Pray for voters to seek discernment to choose wisely and discern between truth and false representation, according to Hosea 14:9 and Philippians 1: 9-10
  3. Pray for voters to properly consider the policies of candidates and their alignment to Biblical principles


  1. Pray for parties to walk in righteousness, according to Proverbs 14:34
  2. Pray for the spiritual eyes and understanding of political parties to be opened and for them to address real issues
  3. Pray for political parties to honour and respect one another before, during, and after the elections


  1. Pray for candidates to take a stand for righteousness
  2. Pray for the safety of candidates & their families
  3. Pray for the candidates to focus on national issues, not personal attacks and insults 


  1. Pray for leaders to be surrounded by Godly advisors
  2. Pray the election of new leaders who will take South Africa by the hand, according to Proverbs 11:14 and Isaiah 51:18
  3. Pray for leaders who will stand in righteousness and take Godly decisions, according to Psalm 97:2


  1. Pray for accurate and truthful reporting and fair election coverage
  2. Pray that that there will be no media bias
  3. Pray that life and hope will be the main message of the media 


  1. Pray for South Africa to support Israel, according to Genesis 3:12
  2. Pray for God’s purpose to prevail for South Africa
  3. Pray for righteousness in the nation, according to Proverbs 11:14 and for South Africa to walk in righteousness that the Lord will exalt the nation!

Written by: Dr. Pearl Kupe
Dr. Pearl Kupe is an attorney, Executive Coach & International consultant to World leaders & International organizations. Email
Article source: JOY! Magazine


  1. Excellent prayer points. This list should be put into the hands of all Bible believing Christians who are praying for our country.


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