‘Mogoeng says he believes 2019 is going to be a turning point for South Africa, Africa, and the global community and for that to materialise, Christians need to appreciate that God can use every available vessel for the greater good of many.’

In an interview with Christelle du Toit from Gateway News, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng shared his vision for 2019 in South Africa, and highlighted the importance of making oneself available for God to use you.

Mark 16 stands out as the message that we must reconnect with. Are we winning souls? Are we following up on the lost? Do we still remember what John 15 is about? And are we still as attached — and attached not as equals but as branches to the vine as we ought to be? Is the love that Christ talks about in John 15 practised? Do we individually and collectively practice the love that He has commanded us to practice? Are we as obedient as He has commanded us to be?” asks Mogoeng.

“Remember in John 14 He says those who obey My commandments are the ones who love Me. So it’s basically to come to terms with what it means to be a Christian. To check whether or not we are even sanctified Christians. That way we will be able to separate the chaff from the fundamentals of Christianity that this day, this period is about.”

Mogoeng has been in the spotlight lately for his passion for Christ, and he boldly declares God’s Lordship over his life.

“I would rather die than compromise on the principles that define what it means to be a child of God,” he said.

“We must decide to be hot for the Lord. I think we need to change, and when we do God will do the unthinkable. I’ve seen Him do the unthinkable in my life this year (2018). I just couldn’t’ believe it. Just when I thought He has done the best for the year, He took it to a level I could never have imagined. That’s our kind of God. And anybody, anybody can be used by God if only we can throw the selfishness, the greed away and prioritise His Kingdom for real. Not in words, but in every respect.”

Mogoeng is convinced that 2019, being the year of the elections, will hold great significance in our nation’s history, and will bring great change for all South Africans.

“I think with the prayers that are going on and with more prayers that I believe will be made, we must buckle up for the unimaginable to eventuate. We are in for a big surprise, whatever it is, God is involved in it. That’s as far as a Chief Justice can go.” 

In an interview that JOY! recently conducted with Mogoeng, he shared a message for all South African citizens: Every voting South African owes it to this nation and to Africa to reflect quite seriously over what has happened over the years and allow that to inform the way in which they must vote, including whether or not to make themselves available as candidates who can represent God in any of the constitutional structures that exist in this country.”

Date published: 09/01/2019
Written By: Gillian Fraser
Article Source: Adapted from Gateway News


  1. I support Justice Mogoeng. As Christians we cannot afford to make excuses to avoid doing what God calls us to do. If God truly is our Master, we must obey willingky. Our times, abilities, and money arent ours in de first place-we are caretakers, not owners. When we ignore, squander, or abuse what we are given we are rebellious and deserve to be punished.

  2. Even though many do not realize or recognize this, South Africa is truly favored to have the Chief Justice who puts God first before anything and trusts Him for the change in a good direction. Imagine how twisted our judiciary system was going to be if it wasn’t overseen by him and his deputy Mr Zondo. I thank God for the two as they brought back the dignity in that department after so many embarrassing incidents that happened (not mentioning specific names).

  3. I am praying for South Africa and South Africans and a Godly change. There is a great moving away of globalism to nationalism. God is appointing Evangelical persons as leaders: President Trump of the USA, President of Brazil and others.
    God is also doing great things in Western Europe with a movement against mass influx of illegal alliens swarming over borders.
    Eastern European countries dont want to join the EU, but are opening diplomatic and economic relationships with Israel. Namibia and Botswana also.

  4. Chief Justice Mogoeng should have become President after Mandela! Then this would have been a flourishing
    Country by now‼️‼️‼️‼️👍👏

  5. Thank God for tthe gift of faith, hope and enthusiam: indeed Sauth Africa, Africa and the whole world is going to be a much better place if each one of us allows God’s Holy Spirit guide us and transform us.

  6. I like it “making themselves available as candidates who can represent GOD, standing for the truth and ready for uncompromising Gospel. Possessing South Africa with HOLYSPIRIT. David was a king who feard the LORD


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